Friday, April 30, 2010

Too Nice Outside

Sorry I'm posting so late today, it was just too nice outside to sit at my desk typing. I met a couple friends (and their dogs--nothing's perfect) for a 2-mile walk along the river this morning. We saw a mama and daddy goose taking their 3 goslings for a swim and a bazillion white pelicans soaring and swooping; that and the good conversation made the time go fast. After lunch I mowed the lawn for the first time this season and it was lovely getting all sweaty and dirty. Now it looks like it's going to rain any minute so I'm finally parked at my desk to get this done. Tonight's knitting night so after supper that's where I'll be. I'm hoping for a bit of dreary tomorrow so I'll get back here to get some work done. Gotta do some submitting this weekend.

April 29--Ko Tao, Thailand. It was so perfect there on Turtle Island, Ko Tao in the native Thai, that it almost seemed artificial, but Kenton knew that only the affluent of certain Middle Eastern sultanates built their own worlds so it had to be real. She had just gotten her Open Water Instructor certification and took the first job that came her way. As the newest OWSI on staff at Turtle Divers she got saddled with the newest and most nervous customers. The fact that she was a female also kept her off the list for leading groups with young women in them. She didn't mind. Kenton found that the divers she guided appreciated the care she took with them and tipped her accordingly. She was sure that "the Bambis," as she called the bikini-clad girls, hardly tipped at all, at least not in cash money.

Well, that kind of fizzled out but it was late and I was tired. I hope you made the most of this beautiful day.

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