Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's A Pain

Walking, lying down, sitting...all of it hurts and it's making me grumpy. I'm trying to do the prescribed exercises and I'm wondering if that's making the whole thing hurt more. I figure that favoring it is making other parts of my leg ache anyway; it's all just one big mess. I do not recommend it. Roi says Mercury is in retrograde which means you should lay off making big decisions and make small movements because that's probably a contributing factor to my injury. Now the planets are gunning for me. Arghhhh!

April 2--Awaji Island, Japan. Dancing on their slender stems like ballerinas, cosmos flowers in every shade of pink and white filled the view. "It's like an Impressionist canvas," Marie said, holding her camera up and taking image after image. "Oh, for God's sake, Marie," Will said, "you'd think you haven't seen a field of flowers before." Marie's hands dropped into her lap and the smile slipped off her face. For one moment she thought she might tell Will to shut up, or even to fuck off, but she kept her mouth shut and suppressed the manic giggle that threatened to erupt at the mere thought of saying the F-word out loud. When Will had come home and told her that he had won the trip to Japan in Amalgamated Industries' sales contest she had been torn. She loved to travel and had always dreamed of seeing Japan, but she knew that going with Will meant meekly sitting beside him while he held up his self-satisfaction at his achievements as a mark few of their fellow travelers, and certainly none of the foreigners they met, measured up to. Enduring Will's put-downs was getting harder and barely endurable as the years went by.

I think she should flash the camera in his face to blind him and then shove him off a cliff. Accidentally, of course.

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