Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Overcast

I know we need rain, it is spring after all, but the weather changes make my knee ache. I'm tired of having my knee ache. I'm ready to be done with it, and I suspect that the mild exercises and stretches that I'm supposed to do to make it strong again aren't helping. Oh, I know they'll help in the long run but it feels like they're prolonging the hurt. Gotta hurry and get this posted because it's almost time to leave for work. Here goes...

April 10 & 11--Tenerife. Juliana thought that Pico del Teide, the dormant volcano that she saw from her porch, looked like it was floating in the sky. It was far away enough and so much taller than the other mountains that the clouds moving by cut it off from the rest. The colors of the plants in her yard, all greens, silvers, and purple, were reflected in the forests and the layers of rock on the mountains in the middle distance, but Pico del Teide brought its own colors to the landscape. The white of the snow that stayed on the summit in even the hottest days of summer and the black of the ancient lava made it look dead and separate from the land that lived so vibrantly around her.

Okay, that's it. Gotta run.

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