Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Red Sweater Day

It's a beautiful spring day, sunny and warm-ish, so I'm wearing a bright red sweater with a bunch of other colors knitted in. It makes me feel good. I just realized that when I'm feeling bad or out of sorts I wear red shoes. That should be a warning to those around me; red shoes=beware. Yet I love my red shoes, all of them. Funny how that works.

I am enamored of my new ability to watch Netflix instant videos on the TV using a disk they send me for the Wii. I already love my Wii; I exercise with it every day, but this is just the cleverest trick ever. And I didn't even need to trade up to the cable company's broadband service! Too cool.

April 19--Whitsunday Islands. Two were too close together and the third was too far away from either of the others. Ruby stood with the woven hammock in her hands frowning at the trees in front of her. What good was having a hammock if the damned palm trees were in the wrong places? She would suspect that they had been planted by chance but she knew that coconuts had no way of getting up on a hill on all their own. Being up on the hill was what made this place bearable. It was so hot and sticky all year round this close to the equator that getting up into the prevailing breeze was the only way to survive. "It won't work, you know." That was her sister, Emerald. Em was the pragmatist (tipping over toward the pessimist) of the family. Ruby lifted her hammock-laden hands and let them drop again. "I know that; thanks, Miss Obvious. If you don't have anything constructive to offer why don't you go make us some lemonade." Ruby knew as soon as her words had left her lips that she would regret them almost immediately. Em was likely to substitute generous lashings of salt for sugar in her drink to punish her for her frustrated outburst. And it wouldn't get her any further toward getting the stupid hammock strung up.

Interesting. On one hand I see these sisters as young, but then I see them as being at the end of a long and contentious life together. What do you think?

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