Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Nice spring rain today. As much as I love the sun and need it to keep me on an even keel, I love the rain because it makes the flowers and blueberries grow. There are teeny tiny pink buds on my blueberry bushes and I want them to make leaves, then flowers, and then berries. Durwood said I can buy more blueberry bushes even though that means planting fewer tomatoes. I know, I can't believe it either, but he said it. He even cut out an ad for a special blueberry bush to send away for, that's how I know he's serious.

Are you working on your NPR entry? That's on my agenda for today. I've got a story that I think is a real corker, I just have to work those 4 required words in. Plant. Fly. Trick. Button. How hard can it be to use those in a story? Piece. O. Cake.

April 5--Antigua. The forest of masts looked right at home at Nelson's Dockyard. It was the suburnt men in shorts, loud shirts, and boat shoes who looked out of place. Ranks of uniformed sailors, all shipshape and polished, belonged on the close-cropped lawn standing inspection or maintaining their ships' rigging. The gray stones of the year had held up well over the last two hundred years and the sky and water were the same. Of course, the winds carried the same risk as they always had and they held sway over the hearts of the adventurous as they had since man first sought to see what lay over the horizon. Silas was very sorry that he had agreed last night to crew for his friend, Jake when he sailed to the boatyard in St. Lucia to get some work done at a better price than Antigua. "Come along, Silas," he had said as he carried over a sixth (or was it a tenth?) Red Stripe. "We'll prowl the bars in Castries and give the ladies of St. Lucia a try." He winked and nearly slipped out of his chair. "I hear they are very friendly down there." Silas had thought it was a very good plan last night. This morning his head pounded and he knew he'd be hanging over the lee rail before they'd cleared the harbor, but he kept his promises.

I'm off to the ortho to get my knee checked out. It's a lot better today so I'm hoping for some advice about strengthening and helping it to work better in the future. Wish me luck!

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