Friday, April 16, 2010


We had two visitors last night at writer's and I think they might join us. Yay, I'm doing the happy dance, I'm excited to have new writers to learn from and work with. We're going to do exercises again next week because Nancy, one of the new kids, has a couple friends who also might like to join us. Then the following week we'll ramp back up with a whole new rotation of submitting, lessons, and critiques. This should be good because new people bring new energy and, ooh, I'm just excited. (sorry, I'm a dork, but what can you do, I can't help it) Welcome, Nancy and Sean.

April 15--San Joseph Bay, British Columbia. The cold fresh air lifted Marcia's spirits a bit. She wouldn't be able to do this, she just knew it. She must have been drunk or at least way overtired when she'd agreed to sign up for a kayak tour around the provincial park. She was not athletic, far from it. When she was a child the neighborhood kids had called her "the house plant" because she so rarely played outside. Things weren't any better
on the playground at school; she was invariably picked last for teams and she was an ever-ender at jump rope. It was easier to be good at turning and singing the cadence than taking her split-second turn at jumping. She always missed right away because she never got into the rhythm. What made her imagine that she'd be able to keep up with the others and not capsize and drown herself in the icy bay? "Ready, Marcia?" Sally asked as she strapped on her bright orange life vest. "As ready as I'll ever be," Marcia muttered as she walked down the path to the shore dragging her own life vest behind her like a stubborn pet.

Ah, childhood memories. Now that's enough to keep a person awake nights.

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