Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sometimes I'm Such a Moron

Last weekend poor Durwood really was suffering with his allergies. Thinking that pollen had to be all over everything, I decided to wash all his sweats, his favorite fleece vest, his fleece blankie, and the wool hat I crocheted for him a couple years ago that he wears when he's cold in the house. I tossed it all in the washer but didn't troll through the vest's pockets, where he had been storing a wad of coupons. Paper. Do you know what happens to paper in the washer? That's right; little schnipples of paper all over everything. I tossed it all into the dryer in hopes that all the pieces of paper would come off. Well, they mostly did, but in the process I managed to felt his hat, his beloved hat. D'oh. So I went downstairs, unearthed a skein of navy wool, and started crocheting. I finished it Monday night; it was too small. This is a big-headed man and I had forgotten, so I picked out the well-woven-in tails and fogged it. I got a really big (US M) hook and tried again. I'm up to row 11 of 18, so I should finish tonight. AND I had Durwood try it on so I know I'm on the right track. Whew.

I found this lone skein of sock yarn at Hobby Lobby last week and couldn't resist the colors. It's enough to knit one sock and we all know how much I love mismatched socks.

Hearing from many knitters that Knit Picks needles are sharp, I had to try them especially since I'm working on a lace-weight scarf for the first time.

And since a person gets free shipping when you order $50 worth, I had to order a bit of sale sock yarn.

It was so nice yesterday afternoon that we decided to roast a chicken on the grill so after I lit the charcoal, I took the story I'm working on outside to edit. I love spring.

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