Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Took Me a Walk

I met a knitting friend, and a quilting friend of hers, and we walked a couple miles along the river. The breeze was chilly but the sun was shining, it was a great morning for it. We even saw a bald eagle soaring over the river on our way back. They both had their dogs. I didn't feel a bit left out since I had all of nature to pay attention to. My knee behaved but my hip/thigh is complaining a bit about it, but it'll get over it. I showed it who's boss by picking up all the blown litter in the backyard and filling all the feeders when I got home.

I got a rejection for one of the flash fiction stories I sent out earlier this month. No biggie, just have to find another place to send it and a different story to send those guys. I'm holding a new flash until elimae's reading period reopens next month as they sent me a very complimentary rejection and suggested that I submit something else. Oh, I think I can do that.

April 26--Moorea, French Polynesia. Rafe squinted at the water off the bow. He'd been at the tiller of the boat for house. He had studies the chart of the passage along the western edge of Moorea. There was a narrow deep channel that he had to stay in if he wanted his deep-keeled boat to make it through. Last night he had lain at anchor when he reached the last way point before the channel. He had fixed a meal of mac & cheese with the last tomato sliced in a bit of vinegar as a salad. In a couple days he'd make harbor on the other side of the long narrow lagoon and he planned to gorge himself on salads, green leafy salads with every raw vegetable he could lay his hands on in the marketplace. You'd think that vegetables would be easy to get in the tropics but they weren't. They were almost as scarce as a dish of good ice cream. He needed to keep to his course even if he went blind sailing into the sun. Where'd he put his hat and sunglasses?

What are you writing today?

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