Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Feel So Spring-y

I can't remember the last time that the daffodils were blooming at Easter. Even though they're predicting showers for the weekend, I don't mind. I intend to spend most of tomorrow camped in the nice weather on the patio. I can haul my writing stuff out there and work just fine. Maybe the houseboy (houseman?) will bring me my lunch out there.

March 31--Palawan Islands, Philippines. Celeste loved the way her cottage on the beach looked nestled in a grove of palms at the base of the cliff. She relished the severe angle of the roof that shaded the front and the narrow porch where she greeted each day. Between the cottage and the cliff base was her tiny garden, and space for her to hang her laundry and park her bike. It didn't matter that she had to walk nearly a mile before she was able to climb aboard and ride. She came to like the gradual transition from walking to moving fast enough to generate her own cooling breeze. The turquoise sea lapped at the white sand nearly at her doorstep and she had grown accustomed to hosting the afternoon meeting of the local geckos. She didn't know if she had the most variety of bugs on and in her house but she was grateful for the little lizards who ate their weight in insects every day.

I wanna go there! Now! Oh, no, maybe tomorrow because I have writing tonight. Oop, how about on Saturday so I don't miss knitting tomorrow night? Yeah, that'd be good. You can come too, as long as you behave and don't talk to strangers.

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