Wednesday, October 26, 2016

They Said It Would Rain...

...and it is.  It was a surprise when I took my jug out to fill up the birdbath in the dark when I got up.  It wasn't raining hard enough to make noise, just enough to surprise me as I stepped off that infamous, rug-covered step onto the patio.  It wasn't raining hard enough to make me squeak and dash back in, just enough to be a slight annoyance while I stood pouring.  Happily it hadn't rained Sunday night because when I went out to thaw the birdbath with a jug of hot water on Monday morning I didn't even pause to think that the rug might have been wet and frozen.  We do not want a repeat of last April Fools' Day.  We do NOT.

I got a couple more hexagons crocheted for OJ's stocking and last night I finished the pink Advent Garland mitten.  That was the pattern I suggested for last Saturday's BLKG Knit-away Day which I was sorry to miss but I enjoyed being in Ft. Wayne with Durwood, etc.  Plus I got to go to that yarn shop.  Bonus!

Yesterday's sunrise was beautiful.  See?  Not so today.  Today we have a uniformly gray sky, it's barely light even now, and it's raining.  I liked yesterday better.  Just saying.  I don't hate rainy days but it sure is dreary.  Makes it hard to get up and at 'em on days like this.  I think I need to whip up some chicken veg soup this weekend.  Today's a soup day and I do have soup, squash and mushroom soup, but I've got a hankering for chicken soup.  Probably because SIL1 and I were talking about making chicken soup over the weekend.  I'll do it.  I have to go to Walmart this weekend anyway so it'll be easy to nab a deli chicken and some broth (oh, wait, I should check the freezer, I might have some homemade I can use) and some veggies to toss in.  I'll need a nice big onion too.  I like lots of onion in my soup.

Ooh, thunder... or was that a garbage truck?  It's so hard to tell them apart.

October 26--Bob Krist.  Jutting above the sea of green was a chunk of rock that looked like a petrified tree trunk.  From across the valley it looked small and climbable.  Jane saw two red specks moving on top of it that she figured were people.  The rock must be farther away and a lot bigger than it looked.  It's like an optical illusion, she thought.  As she watched, one of the people pointed at the other and that second person stumbled backwards right off the rock.  The scream echoed faintly but got swallowed by the trees.  Jane screamed too and saw the person left on the rock point at her.  She heard a big bee buzz past her and realized that he was pointing a gun her way and she slid behind a tree just as a second "bee" flew by too close, then she heard the cracks.  It was too cold for bees, it was a bullet.  He was shooting at her.  She made herself as small as possible behind the tree and hoped whoever it was would think she had gone away.  She lay there trembling, wishing she hadn't screamed, wishing she had stayed home.

It looks like I'm going to JoAnn Fabrics on my way home from work today.  (don't forget your pattern)  I opened an email from them (her?) to find 50% off coupons that expire today.  I can buy some more knit fabric to make more shirts.  Woohoo.  Good think I didn't leave all my mad money in Ft. Wayne.  Off to drag on some clothes and drag myself to work.

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Aunt B said...

It's definitely "soup time". I'm making chicken soup with matzo balls for dinner tonight. Do you ever make matzo balls??? They're really easy to make and delicious. Sunny here today but soup still sounds good to me. Be careful going out that patio door in the mornings!