Saturday, October 15, 2016

Done And Done

I was able to focus last night just enough to finish the Inside Outside Scarf at Friday Night Knitting.  I even got the tails sewn in.  Next it gets a nice soak in wool wash before being patted out to dry.  Then it'll most likely go into the "gift" pile since it's not my colors.  Why make it, you ask?  Well, the "knit 1 below" is a technique I'd never tried so this was a free and fairly simple way to try it out.  Now I know how to do it so if I ever see another pattern I like with it, I'll feel confident I can do it.  I suppose I could have made something smaller but finishing this scarf also removes two skeins of yarn from my stash.  Here's all that's left.

The other thing I spent time doing at knitting last night was start to transfer my Contacts from my old, Windows phone (on the right) into my new Android phone (on the left).  I took the new phone, box and all, back to Walmart to coerce a Millennial named Christopher into activating it and transferring my old number to my new phone.  I felt marginally bad about it--until I was leaving when a young guy walked up the very same phone (no box) saying he needed help getting it activated.  Made me feel better instantly.  So I spent the morning and into the afternoon today inputting my contacts which did not transfer.  I was thrilled to figure out that I could remove the SD card from the old phone and insert it into the new phone and all (or most) of my photos and videos went with it.  Whew.

While Durwood was getting a scan yesterday I had my complimentary, intro to Medicare bone density test and a mammogram.  I got a nice notebook with a stylus pen for having a mammo.  After that test smushes them so flat, I feel like I should be able to roll my boobs up like a window shade to tuck them back into my bra.  It doesn't hurt, exactly, but it sure is uncomfortable is all I'm saying.  I like the notebook better than the carnation I got a couple years back.  I'll have the notebook for a while, the flower was dead in a couple days.  Not the message I think the "breast health" people wanted to convey.

October 15--Rob Goldman.  This was the happiest time of their lives.  Their jobs were going well, they'd moved into a new house in a great neighborhood, and their kids were succeeding in school and sports.  Stella and Jack held hands across the table of their favorite restaurant, smiling into each others' eyes and feeling just the tiniest bit smug about how well their lives were going.  It's never a good idea to tempt Fate like that.

And, no, I really don't have any idea what's just offstage up there.  I got that far and my brain blinked off so I turned off the light and followed its lead.  Man, it's dark and windy today.  A good day to spend piled up in your jammies eating soup and watching crap on TV.  Or sitting on the couch updating a new cellphone.

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Aunt B said...

Pretty scarf. Someone is going to get a nice gift from you. Glad you got your phone switched around. Mine is still a puzzle to me.