Monday, October 17, 2016

A Random Collection of Stuff

I have a handful of random photos that I don't know how to seamlessly put together so I thought I'd just start slapping them on here with a little explanation, kind of a list sort of thing with some narration.  Hey, I can make bullet points on this thing...

  • There was a flyover before yesterday's Packer game.  These guys were loud, a low grumble heard from far off, and I have absolutely no clue what kind of airplane helicopter hybrid they are.

  • Clouds rolled in overnight so while I got up too late to witness the actual sunrise, it still looked pretty when I got out there and looked to the East.  We're supposed to maybe have storms later.


    • The nasturtiums, all two of them, are still blooming.  I need to plant more next year, many more so I can thwart the depredations of the chipmunks.  

    • Also I love the red rockets of pineapple sage flowers.


    •  The shed is playing host to some critters.  When I went out yesterday afternoon to put the patio table, etc. away this spider, body about dime sized, had colonized the upper corner of a door.  I don't mind spiders. 
    • However this nest of hornets and all the hornets lounging on the edges of the doors stopped me in my tracks.  I watched to see that they weren't very active so I did get the table in there but didn't spend any time rearranging things or trying to get the chairs stowed.  I'll be stopping for a can of bug killer when I'm out and about today, you'd better betcha.

    • I finally dragged myself down to the sewing machine yesterday afternoon (once the flyover was past) and made another knit shirt, this time in the correct size (the last one's a little big).  Once again there wasn't enough of the striped fabric to make the whole thing so the back and one of the neckbands are white.  I cut out a neckband in the stripe and the white and layered them.  Not much of an alteration but I feel good about it.  The striped fabric is very thin, what I think they call tissue knit, that's tricky to sew and snags like crazy.  This was an easy, inexpensive way to try the fabric out.  (Doesn't it look like I'm standing funny? I need to ask the chiro if my right hip's out of whack even more than it feels like it is when I see her on Wednesday.)
    I didn't write last night.  I stayed up until midnight, like a goofball, so I just fell into bed, did my stretches and turned out the light.  Happy Monday!

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    Aunt B said...

    I saw on FB that the fly-over aircraft were identified for you. Those things fly over here every once in a while from Camp LeJeune. Love the nasturtiums and yes, definitely plant more next year. So pretty. But the hornets -- even resting they look mean!