Monday, October 31, 2016

The Biggest Green Grapes On The Planet

I zoomed over to Aldi yesterday afternoon because I was looking for a snack and all we had in the house were salty and high fat/empty calories things and Aldi had green grapes on special.  Plus Durwood wanted some cans of no-salt-added diced tomatoes and a package of creamy potato soup mix (which is 36% sodium, so potato-flavored salt).  I will confess that I didn't change into "street" clothes but I figured that my yoga pants, fake Crocs, and long-sleeved tee qualified as real clothes.  At least I wasn't wearing fuzzy slippers and fleece or flannel pants with duckies on them.  I even had on a bra.  I was DRESSED.  Aaaanyway, I found the items that Durwood wanted, glommed 3-8 oz. packages of baby bella mushrooms (for 99 cents each) that he'll slice, saute, and freeze today for future use, and a 2# bag of green grapes.  As usual I nibbled one of the grapes to make sure they weren't lip-puckering sour and was amazed to find a 2-bite grape in my fingers.  It was plenty sweet so the bag came home with me.  Yum, grapes--and a bowl of 8 of them is a perfectly adequate snack.  Eight of these grapes is a LOT of grape.  I may have to go get more before the ad changes on Wednesday.

Early in the day I finished up Owl Puff #1.  His beak's a little cockeyed but I think it gives him an appealing, quizzical look.  I added rows to the Sock Yarn scarf most of the afternoon while watching shows I'd DVR'd last week (good, mindless viewing for knitting) and then later I started Owl Puff #2.  This one's a girl.  See?  Pink-ish yarn.

This morning's sunrise was fairly low-key, just a faint orange tinge to the underside of the dark gray clouds, but the last remaining mums are blooming.  It's impossible to get the color of the flowers right.  They're actually a light purple color with just a hint of darker color in the center but this is how they show up on digital.  Pretty but not right.  *shrugs*


October 31--Carl Schneider, FMY-001.  Marian watched the blond man on the bench across the park.  He had his arms around two children, a boy and a girl, holding them close.  Even though the day was warm, the man and children looked cold.  She could see the man's lips move as if he were reassuring them or telling them a story.  All three of them had the pinched look of having gone too long between meals.  She thought of how easily she filled her grocery cart, not being extravagant but not pinching pennies either.  Yesterday she had made a big pot of soup, chicken with lots of vegetables, and wondered how she could get the little family and the soup together.  Without a plan, she stood up and walked toward their bench, hoping she'd think of what to say on the way.

Do you realize that today marks the end of the 10th month of 2016?  I won't be sorry to see this year go by, although I wouldn't wish it away either because this is the year that OJ and GC came into our lives.  I've decided that today I'm going down to the Clerk of Courts office and vote early.  There may be a line but it for sure won't be as long as the lines at the polls on November 8.  You won't forget to vote, will you?  It's the only way to get all of these candidates and special-interest groups off your back and shoved back into their holes for another four years.  Sheesh, where do they come from?  I'm grateful that Durwood discovered that our landline phone provider has a "NoMoRobo" feature that cuts out most, if not all, robocalls.  The phone rings once and then, poof!, it's gone.  Worth it.  I'm off to do a little yoga in the kitchen before the erranding begins.  Happy Halloween!

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Aunt B said...

Yes, the owl looks a little startled and quirky but still cute. And that's the bottom line for me -- cute. It's my middle name!