Thursday, October 13, 2016

Scarfing Along

It rained quite a bit yesterday which meant that the dive shop was rather quiet so I had lots of time to knit on the Inside Outside Scarf and, may I say, it's definitely changing colors.  By the end of the day all of the blue and bluish purplish had gone away to be replaced by reddish and yellow, and the ball of yarn is getting pretty floppy and small.  Yay.

This is a good thing because, dun dun dun duuuuuun, there was frost on the roofs and grass this morning.  Not a killing frost because the herbs on the patio aren't black--yet, but there was definitely a frosty sheen to the roofs (rooves? no, roofs, I'm sure of it) in sight.  Guess I'll be wearing a fleece jacket over my cotton cashmere sweater to work today.

In between knitting in the morning and knitting in the afternoon, I dug out a couple of long tables (they're pretty skinny so two works better) in back so I could cut out another t-shirt like the one I made last month.  (Once again there wasn't enough of the printed fabric to make the whole shirt so the back and neck band will be white.  I'm calling it a fashion statement.)  Today I'm taking more fabric, linen-like fabric, and a different top pattern to cut that one out because I have nothing on my calendar for Saturday and Sunday so maybe, just maybe, I can get them sewed up this weekend.  I know I'll get the t-shirt one done for sure.  So the fall weather just better cooperate so I don't end up having to bury them under sweaters the first time I wear them.

October 13--James Kay, BOH--249.  The thatched roofs of the line of huts echoed the mountain peaks that made up the spine of the island.  The water was so clear that the pilings of the huts and wooden walkways seemed to be standing in air.  Jemma lay on her stomach in the shade watching the tiny fish and crabs go about their business under their hut.  Her mother clung to the old idea that you had to stay out of the water for an hour after eating, even though Jemma pointed out that the local kids swam all the time.  Mom wouldn't be swayed.

I hate to say it but I turned on the furnace this morning.  It was chilly in here and I knew Durwood would be cold all day if I didn't.  I'm such a good wife.  Time to fold my tent and get off to the salt mines to keep the world safe from SCUBA diving.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

That scarf is magical. Love the subtle change of color and glad that it finally happened for you. Too early in the year for frost. But then there's "when the frost is on the pumpkin....." thing and this is the month for pumpkins. Sigh!!!