Sunday, October 2, 2016

I Have Returned

My week at The Clearing was wonderful.  I got to spend time with some fabulous women writers and commune with Nature every day (even if Nature spent time trying to trickle down my neck the first three of those days), plus eat delicious and memorable meals that I didn't have to plan, shop for, cook, or clean up after.  Walking the uneven flagstone paths woke up my rehabbing ankle the first day but it was pampered by the soft and springy sawdust paths too.  The rain kept me from sitting out overlooking the Bay while I wrote but it was also good for keeping my behind in my chair to write instead of sneaking out of Quiet Writing Time to take a walk.

I was happy to see that there are still dragons on the path to the Workshop and that trees fall in the forest exposing places where I'm sure elves and fairies live.

This view from the bluff over the Bay of Green Bay never pales.  Sunsets were few and far between with all the rain that came and stayed like an uninvited relative at the feast but the sun did manage to peek between the clouds and horizon one night.  Rain meant no fires in the Council Ring after supper either.  Guess that means I have to go back.  *snap*  What a pity.

Every time I go up to Door Co. I stop at Bargains Unlimited, the thrift store in Sister Bay and I always sort through the flatware to see if there's any silver.  I don't collect silver flatware but I like the way it looks and use the few pieces I've found quite often.  This time I found a fork, a baby spoon, and four grapefruit spoons marked "1847 Rogers Bros."  I know!  I've never seen grapefruit spoons shaped like this but I googled them and, by golly, there they are.  A little silver polish and they're good to go.  I think it's all silver plate, not sterling, but I like it just the same besides it's ten cents a piece, how can I go wrong?  I also chanced upon this old nylon circular knitting needle for $1.50.  It's a size 13 and 16" long; it'll be perfect for making hats.


 I didn't do much beyond writing but made some sock and scarf progress just the same.  You'll be so proud of me, I stopped at Spin (yarn shop) on my way up, didn't buy anything, and skipped it on the way home.  And, no, I didn't have a fever.


October 2--H. Mark Weidman, Old Tree.  The old tree shed its leaves long before the younger trees clustered together on the hillside.  Jill imagined it shaking its widespread branches with a mighty jerk and all the leaves falling in a rush.  Exposed in the golden autumn light, it's strong branches lifted skyward, tracing runes on the passing clouds.  She crunched through to rest against the trunk while she ate her lunch of fresh goat cheese and an apple.  Looking up through the branches she wondered how old the tree was, how many storms it had weathered, now many nests it had sheltered.

And speaking of trees, look how naked my maple tree got while I was gone.  Very few of the trees up in Door County have started to turn.  I think that this is further proof that my beloved maple tree is sick unto death.  *sigh*  It makes me sad to watch, I'm going to miss it when it's gone.  It was the prettiest tree on the block and always made the most flamboyant display in autumn.  Poor old girl.

Time to do laundry.  *sigh*  Back to reality.

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Aunt B said...

Sounds like you had a splendid time at The Clearing -- even if the weather wasn't perfect. The weather is trying to interfere with our trip to Florida. That hurricane out there could come here so we're holding out breath about our planned departure on Thursday.