Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Change, Dang It

I've been looking forward to the dark yarn in this scarf changing colors but it's taking its own sweet time about it.  I knit at least 4 rows (one pattern repeat) every time I pick it up, and usually quite a bit more than that but the same blue with a light red/pinkish twist keeps coming out.  I pull the skein out just to reassure myself that there ARE other colors yet to come, then I pry it open to gauge how much more I have to knit up before seeing the change.  It's driving me batty.  I was thinking of taking some fabric and a pattern to work with me today to cut out another shirt but on second thought I think I'll stick with knitting this project.  Those other colors have to start showing up on the needles one of these days.

The other morning Durwood called out that he saw a "baby hawk" land by the rhubarb.  I hustled over and couldn't see anything.  Then a full-grown Sharp-shinned Hawk strolled out from under the giant leaves.  There was no way I could take its picture at that angle and no way that it'd hang around if I even attempted to open the patio door but it fluttered up to pose on the edge of the shed roof for just long enough for me to snap one picture.  I just love it when hawks show up.

My able assistant and I stirred up a batch of scrambled egg muffins the other day.  I'd found the recipe on Taste of Home and thought it might be something that Durwood would like for breakfast.  We had a piece of ham, a spare dozen eggs, some onions, bell peppers, cheese and a box of frozen chopped spinach (I added that) so I thawed things out and we made them.  The recipe said to make them in the cupcake pan that you spray or grease.  I never have luck getting things out in one piece so I dug around and found some big papers, spritzed them with Pam, and then peeled the paper off once they were cool.  It worked okay.  I used big cupcake pans instead of the regular ones so only got 9 instead of 12.  Sorry the photo's blurry.  The actual muffins are in clear focus.

The pineapple sage is blooming. For some reason these red trumpets are very surprising to me.  And the maple is showing off, big time.

That's all.  I got a pneumonia shot on Monday that makes me feel as crappy as the flu shot always does so I just folded my tents and went to bed early last night.  Maybe I'll manage to write tonight.

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Aunt B said...

That hawk is impressive but the maple tree outshines it big time. We're battening down the hatches and keeping our fingers crossed that Matthew heads out to sea before coming up to our part of NC. LD and Debbie are heading over to the west coast of FL tonight -- at her insistence. He voted to ride it out but it looks like West Palm might take a direct hit and that's so close to them. Nancy, Michael and David hunkering down in Miami. I hate hurricane season!