Friday, October 28, 2016

How Many Projects Can One Woman Work On At The Same Time?

I finished the Dusky Blues sock toe yesterday morning lickety-split, then I crocheted OJ's stocking hexagon #7, and it still wasn't noon.

So I set up two of the long tables in the back room, shoved them together, and pinned and cut out another knit t-shirt.  (I feel a jag coming on--because I bought fabric for three more of them today--although I do think the shirt out of the mesh fabric will have a few "improvements"... maybe, if I feel brave--I'll show you that fabric tomorrow)  You're absolutely correct if you're thinking, hey, that's a lot of striped shirts.  I'm "into" stripes these days, also the knit fabric that's in my price range comes mostly in stripes.  Besides the floral and geometric print stuff has too much polyester in it for me, it almost feels like swimsuit or skating dress fabric.  I get too sweaty to drape myself in that much polyester, so cotton and stripes it is.
When I was cutting out I heard loud honking outside and went out the back door to see a whole lot of Canada geese coming in for a landing on the river a block from the shop.  I didn't have the heart to tell them that they were flying North. 

Once I had the tables put away I went on my Ravelry queue page and cleaned out some things that I'm not as enthusiastic about, put quite a few items into "Favorites," and printed out two patterns.  One is the Confetti Scarf from Purl Soho.  On size US15 needles (very big) you cast on 44 stitches holding 7 strands of sock yarn together and then knit in stockinette (flat stitches, like a sweater) until you run out of yarn.  Purl Soho recommends that you buy some of their lovely wool and silk yarn but I had a 2 gallon ziplock bag of sock yarn ends, some from Z-Dawg and some of my own, that needs to get knitted up.  I've been nibbling away at it for years, knitting a few tiny keychain purses and meaning to knit a sweater for a grandbaby that never got off the ground (the sweater, not the grandbaby), and it's time for it to become something.  So I dug out the sock yarn nubbins and some lovely light brown llama yarn that I've never known what to do with and plunged in.  Durwood held the skeins of llama so I could wind them into cakes and then tried to help me untangle the unholy mess that happened almost immediately.  See all the yarns like each other a lot so they cling to each other and because these are small bits of yarn it's easy for one less tightly wound to get dragged along by bad companions.  It took me about an hour to get this mess undone but then I had a brainstorm.  I dug out an empty oatmeal box, then ran the 7 strands through my hand to straighten them, and wound the resulting yarn around the box where it comes off very nicely.  Thank you, Mr. Quaker Man.  I stopped at the Dollar Tree today for a box of zipper sandwich bags and intend to sequester each little yarn ball in a bag with a corner cut off (thanks, DD) so that they don't roll around and entangle themselves again.  So there's that new project.

The other pattern I printed out is for a small stuffed toy called an Owl Puff.  It's something else that will be made with project leftovers and LC is a big fan of owls, me too.  I got some safety eyes and a square of white felt for the sclera today so I can take some yarn scraps with me to knitting tonight and get one started.  I got safety eyes too.  (Last week LC asked, "Do you know what the white part of your eye is called, Meemaw?  I said no and she said, "The sclera."  I nearly wrenched my neck turning to look at her.  Where does a 2 year old learn that stuff?)

October 28--Carl Schneider, GLF-003 Golf.  Dina thought she had never seen greener grass.  Not even fake grass was this perfect green.  She looked down at the ridiculous fawn and white golf shoes on her feet and felt the cleats sink into the ground.  The club felt awkward in her gloved hands and she was confident she looked like an overripe watermelon in her green, pink, and white golf togs.  "Togs," that's what the chirpy young woman in the resort boutique called them.  What a stupid word for overpriced sportswear.  God, she dreaded these annual company meetings when every conversation held land mines ready to explode your career into shrapnel of shame and failure, and people dressed in silly clothes and whacked a dimpled white ball around a manicured course while trying to suck up to the nearest vice-president or board member.  She looked back down at herself. slotted the club back into the bag in back of the cart, kicked off her shoes, and took off for the resort.  She was done trying to crack this particular glass ceiling.

And now I'm going to heat up some leftover pizza for supper and then go knitting.  Sayonara.

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Aunt B said...

So much yarn. But you manage to find a project for most of it so good for you.