Sunday, October 16, 2016

More Done

I had a bad day yesterday.  I didn't get dressed, didn't do much more than glare at things and people.  I must have been a joy to be around.  (Maybe that's why Durwood took so many naps yesterday... ) Anyway, I was able to claw my way toward the light in the evening, sat on the couch and finished the Carnival Doublethick Cloth.  I didn't reuse all the yarn I frogged from the unsatisfactory crocheted cloth but this seems like a good size, plus I have more of this bright yarn to knit into something else.  Bonus!


On Friday we stopped at Fleet Farm after our stints in various radiological pursuits so I could buy some birdseed and I saw something that, well, that I just had to share with you all.  In the "Cammo Has Gone Too Far" Department, I give you this--a lace and rhinestone cammo bra with matching panties.  There were thongs too, and teddies and other unmentionables in various versions of cammo.  I mean... Who...?  I need a gallon jug of brain wash fluid, stat.

The sky was beautiful this morning but, more than that, the air felt like silk.  Today is one of those perfect fall days, sunny and clear, warm and cool at the same time.  There's a football game in town later which means that there'll be a fly-over to cap off this perfect day.

October 16--Chip Henderson Photography.  From the plane the country side looked like a crazy quilt of colors divided by dark gray roads.  Rivers meandered reflecting the blue sky, adding a sparkle to the tableau.  Liz took some digital photos and made a few notes, planning to make an "aerial view" quilt to enter into the fair.

I kept falling asleep so there're squiggles after "meandered" and "planning" so I gave up the next time I regained consciousness and turned off the light.  Today the patio furniture gets put away but I'm not getting the snowblower out yet.  No-sirree-bob.

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Aunt B said...

Thought of you when they showed the fly-over at the Packers game. Interesting one this time. Too bad the Packers couldn't get it together.