Sunday, October 30, 2016

Like a Goofball, I Stayed Up Until Midnight

I'm too old for that but I got caught up in knitting this little Owl Puff.  See, I went downstairs to dig through my bin of yarn leftovers looking for more sock yarn for the scarf and came across this variegated yarn and the celery green solid yarn and I knew they'd make a good "softie" so I got out some really small needles (so there aren't too many holes when I stuff the owl) and brought them upstairs.  

After supper I picked up the sock yarn scarf and knitted a few rows, all the time thinking that it was very wide and I am a very short-necked person, so this might not be the right size scarf for me.  But since I am very focused on knitting up all these sock yarn leftovers, I ripped out what I'd done, cast on 24 stitches (instead of 44) and got to work.  I knitted this much, took a look at it and liked it, so that's when I put it down to knit the Owl Puff.  As soon as I'm done here I'll be on the couch putting the eyes on and embroidering the beak, stuffing it and closing it up.  (It'll look more like an owl with eyes and a beak.)  I know I will make another one today and maybe more just because they're quick and easy and darned cute.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the birdseed store and loaded up on food for the birds and squirrels.  See?  I used my noodle and drove around the side of the house into the backyard to unload because, let me tell you, a 50# bag of anything is heavy and the shorter distance I have to carry it, the better.  I could only fit about half of the peanuts in the shell in the aluminum can so the rest of them are double bagged and stored in the lock-lidded Rubbermaid trash can on the patio.  I don't have a lot of confidence in it being impervious to the gnawing of squirrels so I might be in the market for another aluminum trash can that I can rest a rock on the top of.  Now LC, OJ, and I have lots of "fill the feeders" stock for when they come to visit.  It's a favorite activity for all of us.

I finally got a case for my new phone.  The volume button is right where my fingers go when I'm putting the phone in my purse or pocket so I kept turning it down so far that I couldn't hear it ring or chime.  This will help.  Plus it's red.

Since I stayed up so late I didn't write a prompt, I did do my bedtime stretches which I consider much more important, so here are the orange nasturtiums still a-bloom in back.  Aren't they pretty?  I just love the shape of their leaves.

Happy Sunday.

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Aunt B said...

You are noble to stock up on so much birdie food. Your fine feathered friends certainly have a friend in you.