Monday, October 24, 2016

Sorry For The Radio Silence

... but we drove down to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to spend the weekend with Durwood's brother and sister-in-law.  We hadn't seen them in about 20 years (life, kids, jobs, etc.) and a good time was had by all.  We mostly camped out in the Comfort Suites (highly recommended) lobby chatting and laughing and drinking coffee.

I did a little knitting, adding rounds to the foot of the Dusky Blues sock and starting an Advent Garland Mitten for some variety.  SIL1 teased me about knitting with pink yarn but I gave her a pair of fingerless mitts in hopes of toning down the teasing.  It didn't really work very well but she loves the mitts.  That reminds me, I need to dig out another pair to live in my knitting basket.  Be right back.  Here I am.  (I chose the mitts I made with the alpaca yarn LB brought me from the yarn crawl I had to miss because of my stupid broken ankle.)

On Saturday morning I ditch the others and found a yarn store, Knitting off Broadway, which is in a lovely old building in downtown Ft. Wayne.  (if you ever go there, the entrance is in the back...ask me how I know...)  My "sale yarn" fu is very strong. I walked in the door, took this picture, and walked right into the side room where the baskets of reduced price yarn was waiting for me.  I found 2 skeins of the red variegated worsted superwash wool for 30% off, the rust & goldish colored skeins also worsted superwash wool for 25% off which I'm thinking will become a striped hat and mitts or mittens, and two patterns that I paid full price for.  (*gasp* I know, I rarely pay full price)  I'm especially excited about the shawl pattern because I can see using up quite a few of the single skeins of sock yarn I have in the stash.  I'm not sure what I'll use to make the vest but it really attracted me and that's what mad money's for, right?  Right.

This guy showed up this morning right after I came in from filling the birdbath and all the feeders.  He first landed on the trash can right by the patio door and then flapped over to sit on top of a crook.  Funnily enough, not one bird came to eat while he/she was there.

I didn't write prompts this weekend.  I just fell into bed, talked out, and went to sleep and I was too tired from that long day's drive to write last night.  See ya.

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Aunt B said...

Sounds like we both had a good weekend. I definitely thought of you at Black Dawg Salvage. Enormous place. Saw lots of neat stuff (bought a beautiful cutting board with their logo burned into a corner) and even the second generation Black Dog!!