Thursday, October 6, 2016

Change Eventually Happened

I knitted and I knitted, nabbed every spare moment yesterday, and finally around 9 o'clock realized that the light red had faded to pink and then segued into yellow.  Phew.  The color change is so subtle I was becoming convinced that the gray blue with light red twist yarn would go on and on and on and then the last six inches of the scarf would have both of the other colors crammed into it.  Seems like there's more yarn in these little yarn balls than I thought.

This morning's sunrise was lovely.  I'm a big fan of the orange and purple tinge to the clouds as the sun makes its way up toward the horizon.

When I was putting classes on my Craftsy wishlist trying to win five of them last month, I found a couple that really caught my eye.  One was Sew Faster, Sew Better which claims to teach you industry techniques so you can construct garments without using pins and promises to show you how to use iron-on interfacing so that it doesn't bubble and crinkle but it was $49.95 (although it did include the pattern).  Too rich for my blood.  The other one was called the Artful T-Shirt using an asymmetrical pattern and random fabrics to make a very cool looking shirt (something that really trips my trigger) but it too was $49.95 including the pattern.  I did write down the pattern number and looked it up last time I was at Joann's and ended up buy it (at 40% off) figuring I'm smart enough to make parts out of different prints and cobble them together.  Well, a week later Craftsy had a sale and wouldn't you know both of those classes were priced at $19.99 (which is about how much patterns cost these days), so I bought them.  That meant they sent me the patterns so now I have two of the Marcy Tilton t-shirt pattern and they accidentally sent me two of the jacket pattern so I have two of those too.  I asked if they wanted the pattern back but they said it'd cost too much so I could keep it.  Now all I have to do is table everything else in my life so I can hide in the basement and sew.  Think that'll happen?  Yeah, me neither.  But I am taking a couple patterns to work with me today to trim so when I'm ready to cut fabric I can dive right in.

October 6--Desert Sunset.  Carter stepped out the back door to watch the sunset.  The sun dipped behind the low mountains on the horizon and the sky started changing color from the washed-out blue of afternoon to a pale Easter egg yellow.  The next moment everything--the sky, the hills, the bare ground, even the cactus--were all a uniform red ocher color.  It didn't last long but she thought it looked like a different planet.  She felt her chest tighten and her breath get short as if something bad was happening but then the light shifted to purple orange just before the sky turned indigo and the stars came alive.

One of these days I'm going to live where I have a long view of the sky so that I can take my time and drink in the subtle color changes of the start and end of the days.  One of these days.  I have just enough time to fling a little laundry around before I'm off to work.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

I'm stunned at the price of patterns. I remember when they were something like 65 cents! Glad your scarf FINALLY began to change colors. Your determination paid off.