Monday, October 3, 2016

Sometimes A Guy Just Needs His Mom

And I am happy to oblige.  After being away for a week I had to go over to DS's to play and snuggle with LC and OJ, and as I was leaving he handed me these pants and asked if I'd mind turning the hem up.  Not at all.  It had been a long time since I'd sat with needle, thread, and thimble but my needle remembered what to do.  It didn't take long.  The only frustration is that on the second leg I ran out of thread an inch and a half from being done.  Arrgh.  So I re-threaded the needle, took about six stitches and then tied it off and snipped it.  Isn't that the way things always go?

I did laundry yesterday and made a Sam's run so there's nothing else photogenic to put on here.  I knitted a few rows on the scarf but there wasn't a color change so it looks the same, just a tiny bit longer.

Instead you get to look at food.  The food I ate at the Door County Creamery the weekend before last.  DS and DIL1 ate there on a recent getaway and he raved about it so I suggested that KS and I try it out when I went up to spend the day with her before my workshop.  I ordered the stuffed BLT and may I just say, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  (that might not be quite enough "M"s but it'll have to do)  First, the food comes on a piece of black slate, not on a plate, although soup is in a bowl (less messy and easier to serve that way).  The BLT had lots of bacon, mixed greens, sliced tomatoes, some sort of mayo-type spread and fresh goat cheese, all layered on a puffy pita which was then folded in half and lightly grilled/toasted.  On the side was a small mound of some of the most unusual and tasty potato salad on the planet.  The waiter said it had garlic aioli, pesto, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and a few other oddball ingredients in it but, man, was it delicious.  All for ten bucks.  KS had the Roasted Squash salad which was a slate with a whole garden of greens in a light vinaigrette with chickpeas, corn kernels, glazed pecans, and pomegranate seeds on it, with a wedge of roasted winter squash alongside.  We were stuffed so we wandered off to do some shopping, then picked up her dad to go to a stinky cheese fest in Egg Harbor (which was quite disappointing) before swinging back for goats' milk gelato at the Creamery.  I had mango and chocolate.  Oh. My. God.  I raved about it so much that CA and FM (my writing workshop roomies) agreed to go back for lunch on Sunday, only we got smart and split one BLT and one salad--and still had to go shop off lunch before we could go back for gelato.  I fully intend to fling Durwood into the van and go up there one more time before they close for the winter.

October 3--Ferns.  The air was so thick that water dripped from the leaves like rain.  Carol felt sure that vines grew so fast that they would snake across the path to twine around her ankle.  She had never seen ferns so big.  They towered over her.  The trees were so thick that the canopy blotted out the sun except where a tree had fallen.  Then there was a round clearing made mysterious by tendrils of moisture curling from the margins of the great shaft of golden light.

Since I don't have any other pictures to show you, here's the Lodge, the main living/dining room of The Clearing.  The kitchen is on the ground floor.  I wish I was back there right now, even though I did gain 3# last week.

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Aunt B said...

No wonder you love The Clearing so much. That picture of the lodge makes me want to go there too. So pretty. And then a wonderful lunch of that special BLT.