Thursday, October 20, 2016

"I See the Moon...

...and the moon sees me..."  Every time I see the moon, especially a full-ish moon, that song plays in my head and the voice singing it belongs to the then-three year old DD walking on a path in a campground when we walked around a curve to see the full moon framed by the tall pines on either side of the path.  She stood stock still, folded her hands in front of her, and sang the whole song, beginning to end, before taking another step.  I wish I could somehow make a "hard" copy of that tiny silhouetted girl, the alley of trees, and the big, bright moon.

On Tuesday the date kind of slapped me in the face, reminding me that I need to crochet 17 hexagons to make a Christmas stocking for OJ and Christmas isn't that far away.  Yikes.  Fortunately I already had yarns picked out and bagged with the pattern so all I had to do was go downstairs, figure out where I'd put said bag, get a crochet hook out of the keeper, and start.  I've got 3 done so far and I really really like the colors.  Yeah, yeah, I know, green, red and white are traditional Christmas colors, but I like this green, which has black flecks so it's not so GREEN, with the wine red and bright white.  I'm using the same pattern that I made his daddy's stocking with almost 38 years ago but I'm mixing up the colors.

There wasn't a scrap of sunrise color on the clouds this morning.  Maybe I got up too late but it was just too easy to bonk the snooze button a few, okay six, times.  It's so hard to make myself get up when it's dark.  It's hard to get up when it's light too, but getting up when it's dark seems extra hard.

After having my new phone up and running for a week, I'm finally getting around to unwrapping the User Guide and taking it to work with me to see if it won't tell me how to make the phone do things I want it to.  DIL1 showed me how to make the text notification sound audible and how to answer calls (swipe, don't poke) the other day.  It's good to have younger people in your life when technology gets the best of you.  Which it does...Most. Of. The. Time.  I hate that my phone is smarter than me.

October 20--Lucille Khornak, 000-97-DS56-SH.  His smooth, plump hand looked so small on top of her wrinkled, deflated looking one.  Grayson had come to Villa Pacifica with his Cub Scout pack to sing Christmas carols and play games with the residents.  After the singing there were cookies and cider and Grayson happened to sit at Millie's table.  He wasn't as nervous around the old people as some of the other boys were.  He said he liked the stores his grandpa had told him before he died so he figured other "grands" would have good stories too.  Millie was alone and didn't talk much but Grayson asked her questions about growing up and her school days.  Soon he was riding his bike over after school a few days a week to fill Millie in on how school was going and listen to her talk about her life.

After I get off work today Durwood and I are zooming off to spend the night in Kenosha because on Friday we're meeting his brother BE and his wife in Ft. Wayne, IN for the weekend to sit in a Comfort Suites and catch up.  I did a little Internet search and found out there are two yarn shops in Ft. Wayne.  I'm planning a little jaunt to check them out on Saturday afternoon.  It's my duty to report back to the Knitting Guild.  It would be irresponsible of me not to go, don't you think?  Time to shower, breakfast and go keep the world safe from SCUBA diving.

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Aunt B said...

I love the moon these nights too. The song that always comes into my head is "Oh the moon is fair tonight along the Wabash. From the fields there comes a breath of new mown hay. Through the Sycamores the candlelight is gleaming on the banks of the Wabash far away." Reminds me of Indiana.