Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Not a Sunny Day

I had hopes that it'd be a sunny day.  It was sunny early in the morning but before long the clouds rolled in from the south blotting it out.  There was even a flock of crows spiraling overhead.  Ominous.  It hasn't rained but it sure looks like it wants to at any minute.

The house cleaner came for the first time today and I think she's going to work out well.  She tackled the bathroom first and I think she may have even washed down the walls. !!!  She made a start on doing the same to the kitchen and then ran the vacuum around the rest of the house.  In a few months when she's got the joint whipped into shape she can run through the whole thing in a couple hours but until then I'll keep de-crapifying, encouraging Durwood to do the same, and keeping the Health Dept. away until her next visit.  Thank god there are people who love to clean.  I'm not one.  I don't especially like it and I suck at it.  I already scheduled another visit in 4 weeks.

In the garden another plant, Celebrity, has a good sized tomato starting.  Yay!  The three cherry tomatoes on the Sweet 100 are still there and still thriving too.  Early Girl and Boxcar Willie haven't entered the race yet.

The Lipstick Lilies are blooming like gangbusters.  I wasn't convinced I'd like them when I planted them a few years back but they were about 90% off so I couldn't leave them behind.  Now they're the ones from that planting year that have survived the best and bloom the most.  So I like them a lot now.

Dad's roses are still going strong.  I was thinking of taking a rose sprig to the Botanical Garden to see if they've got a rose expert who can tell me what variety it might be.

June 30--Nita Winter, Heartbeat.  The steady swish and thud of Jacob's heart had been a constant in Angela's life.  She remembered the first time she rested her head on his broad young chest, how the bounding rhythm had told her more clearly than words how he felt about her.  She savored the slow steady beat when they relaxed on the couch and how it pounded when he was aroused.  Their children had slept well nestled on his chest and many nights she had cried herself to sleep there when money was tight and she was afraid.  Now they were old but Jacob's heart beat just as strongly.  She felt the need to store up the sound of it for the coming winter.

Hey, it's the last day of June already.  And Saturday's July 4th.  Holy crap, where's 2015 off to in such a hurry?  Ooh, I think I just saw a raindrop make a dent in the birdbath water.  Better make sure the car windows are shut.

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Aunt B said...

Last day of single living. Paul comes back tomorrow and next day Chris, Maxine and Lauren arrive for the weekend. I'm forced to get back to cooking!!!