Thursday, June 11, 2015


I opened the curtains this morning and, look!, more poppies.  Aren't they beautiful?

A few more rows and a few more beads have gotten added to the Rapid City Scarf over the last few days.  I'm less than thrilled that it's rolling like an ancient manuscript but I'm hopeful that once I've reached the end and drop the stitches it'll flatten out.  It also amuses me that the beads are all nestled on the back side of the knitting.  Since they're on the stitches that'll be dropped and the beads will be on the "floats" between the columns of stitches they'll be plenty visible in the end so I'm not fussed but that stitch dropping better cure the rolling.

Yesterday was an appointment day so the latest preemie hat got dragged along.  I realized that finishing the hat before running out of yarn would be a close thing so I skipped the purl row just before the crown decreases and, look, I ended up with about 4 feet of yarn left.  Whew.  Doing the purl row would have been a hat killer.  I look at these hats and think they're impossibly tiny but then remember that there are babes these hats would be way too big for.

Tonight's the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild's annual picnic.  For the first 4 years of the Guild the picnic was in May and we always had rainy days and ended up in VJ's house with her gem of a husband standing out in the pouring rain grilling burgers.  This year they pushed the picnic back to June hoping for better weather and we're having a potluck at a shelter building.  It started raining about half an hour ago, it's supposed to rain all day and all night, and there are flood watches posted for overnight.  So evidently the BLKG brings rain.  Maybe we could start a service in drought-stricken places?  Just plan a picnic there and, boom!, rain comes pouring from the sky.  It's a thought.  Anyway we're supposed to bring a salad, bread or dessert to the potluck so I found a recipe for Pizza Salad that had lots of positive reviews and sounded good.  That's what I made except I forgot to buy green onions and was all ready to zoom to the store for some but then Durwood suggested that I use chives from the garden, so I did.  I told him that's why I married him.  (It isn't really, it was his blue eyes and warm honey voice that did me in.)

June 11--Wood Sabold, Forest Stream, OR. The mist crawled out of the stream and through the forest like an alien creature.  Dinah stood at the cabin window, arms crossed protectively, watching it approach.  She glanced to make sure that the latch was thrown and she was glad she had a fire blazing in the hearth.  It was silly to be afraid of a little mist but it looked so unnatural, almost like white liquid oozing from the earth to devout everything in its path.  The sun was nearly set so she reached to close the curtains when she saw something move at the edge of the yard.  Probably a deer.  Whatever it was knocked down a few lengths of firewood.  Sam, her old dog, asleep on the rug lifted his head and began a low growl.

Today's the day DD and SIL1 move into their new house in Lexington, KY.  I'm hoping we can go visit them, and it, around Labor Day.  In honor of their move I'm going to clean our bathroom--floor, tub and all.

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Aunt B said...

I love all the pictures today. It's like an illustrated diary of the life and times of you! Those poppies are spectacular, the tiny hat is adorable, the scarf is a puzzlement but I have faith you'll get it straightened out eventually and last but not least, that delicious looking pasta salad! Well done! And those descriptions of your handsome hubby -- the blue eyes and honeyed voice -- too perfect. When I read that, I could hear his voice in my head and you are sooooo right. No wonder he was such a successful salesman!!