Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Got To The Interesting Part

Remember that I cast on and started knitting the ribbing of a mosaic hat on Friday night?  Well, I had the wrong size needles but went ahead anyway.  By the time I got to The Clearing on Saturday I knew I was going to rip that out and start over.  I did, and last night I got to the place where I got to add the colorful yarn and do the mosaic part.  I do like Mosaic knitting, you get two (or more) colors in your project but you're not carrying the yarns across, you only knit with one yarn at a time and slip the other color stitches on that row.  This is so much better than Fair Isle.

Dad's roses are blooming like crazy.  If they didn't have thorns I'd hug them.

June 23--Catherine Gehm, Endless Road.  The state highway was straight as a ruler.  Straight as a surveyor with a perfectly calibrated transit could make it.  Amy felt like the white center lines were pulling her Camry along a moving road, like the pavement moved while she was still.  Far in the distance a line of white clouds floated over black and gray mountains that bent down to scoop the highway onto their shoulders.  She knew she would never reach the mountains.  She had been driving toward them for hours and they were no nearer.  One dessicated town had rolled past on the right side of the road.  Six bleached buildings huddled under cottonwoods, sightless eyes of windowpanes seared foggy by years of sunlight stared as she passed.  Far in the distance a glint of sunlight on chrome meant something was coming and she felt irrational fear grip her stomach.  She told herself she would be glad to see another vehicle, to see concrete proof that the distant mountains were more than a stage set or a mirage.

Hm, not bad for someone with only one eye open.  I was tired last night.  I'm kind of tired right now.  Arrgh, it's the dreaded 2 o'clock slump.  Maybe a piece of fruit...

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Aunt B said...

I don't think a piece of fruit it enough to get you out of a slump! Maybe a dish of ice cream???