Friday, June 26, 2015

Veggie Emergency

We were flat out of veggies, except for a couple of whisker-y carrots, 3 scallions, and a partial stalk of celery.  Time to go shopping.  So after indulging ourselves in lunch at Kroll's East (yummy cheeseburger and terrific onion rings) off to Woodman's we went.  Now we have all kinds of veggies so we won't get rickets--or is it scurvy?  (neither, rickets is no calcium so you get bowlegged and scurvy is lack of Vitamin C)  Anyway we won't starve.  Not that there was any danger of that, I just did a new inventory of the freezer and the downstairs larder and we need to eat out of there for a while.

This morning there was a woodpecker line-up for the suet.  One bird was on the fence, the next one was on the stake at the corner of the garden and the third one was on the crook below the feeder looking up as if to say "come on, quit hogging," then a sparrow butted in and they all flew off.  I wanted to lecture them about sharing and remind them that this is a two-sided suet feeder so there's room for at least 2 birds at a time, but every time I open the door they fly away.  They probably know they're in for a talking to.

The orange Asiatic lily planted under the wire frog sculpture started blooming overnight.  Yay!  And Dad's roses are still going gangbusters.  I pinched a plump, pale green worm off of one of the buds (now I know where the chickadee parents shop for baby food) but so far no Japanese beetles.  I figure if I show you enough pictures of these roses you'll eventually be able to smell them.  No?  Well, I'm going to keep trying.

I've been knitting on the Rapid City beaded scarf, at least one repeat a day like I said I would, but it looks pretty much the same, only a bit longer.  I noticed that the number of beads I have to shove further down the yarn is appreciably smaller, so I must be getting somewhere.  I've worked on the Practice Mosaic hat too and I'll show you that when I finish the second repeat so you can see progress.  You should try mosaic knitting, it's a lot of fun and a whole lot less confusing than Fair Isle or intarsia.

June 26--Greg Pease, Container Shipping.  Nina's office window looked down at the docks.  The other managers' offices looked out through the tops of palm trees to the ocean.  She had a view of endless containers being loaded and unloaded from enormous ships.  The men looked like toy people from her vantage point.

That's when I fell asleep but I've still got an interesting picture in my head so I think I'll keep going on this one tonight, and I need to start hitting the sack a little earlier or something.  I'm falling asleep too quickly to really get up a head of steam.  Later.

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Aunt B said...

I can almost smell the roses but not quite. So keep the pictures coming.