Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mid-Week & Glad Of It

I'm not real sure what this week did to make me dislike it but I'll be glad when it's over.  Nobody's sick, nobody's in trouble with the law, the Health Department isn't at the door, both vehicles are working, and I still have a job but this week is pissing me off for no apparent reason and I'll be glad to see the back of it.  I count Saturday as the last day of the week so in the middle of the weekend things will start looking up, I am convinced of it.

Dad's roses are giving a virtuoso performance this year.  When I stepped out the door on my way to work today I could smell something so sweet I had to stop and inhale.  I looked over and last week's rosebuds are almost all open and the fragrance is beyond lovely.  No combination of chemicals can come close to the aroma of real old-fashioned roses in full bloom.  And the Asiatic lily plant right next to the stoop is fixing to fling its blossoms open any day now.  Naturally the yellow lilies and the red-orange lilies can't bloom simultaneously, no, that'd make too much logical sense, but I will admit that having one fading while the other one ramps up does extend lily blooming season.  The big stargazer lilies aren't anywhere near ready to bloom so we've got those to look forward to too.  I might have to buy some more of those for across the front of the house.  They're so beautiful and smell so good a person might have to post a guard to keep roving flower thieves away.

In knitting news, I'm endeavoring to work at least one repeat of 6 rows on the Rapid City beaded scarf per day while also letting the changing colors of the Practice Mosaic hat draw me to keep knitting "just one more round."  See, that's the allure of knitting with variegated yarn, you need to keep going to see what color comes next and how it stacks up against the ones that came before.  I just hope I don't run out of the dark yarn because it's all I have of it and I can't get more.  I bought this at Goodwill and it's somebody's handspun so there's no ballband with a dye lot and all that other official stuff that lets you seek additional yarn from others if you have a knitting emergency.  What?  You've never had a knitting emergency?  Just wait, everyone has one at one time or another, and if it isn't a knitting emergency it's a watercolor emergency or a woodshop emergency or a fabric/sewing machine emergency.  I'll be even stamp collectors have philatelic emergencies.  But that's just my opinion.  (I got a million of 'em, opinions that is.)

I was so tired when I got into bed last night that the few words I managed to write trail off into other lines or the letters are askew, not worth replicating here, so you're spared that at least.  I'm at work so I should probably fire up my audiobook and get out my knitting.  Slide bead, knit 4, slide bead, knit 5...  Getting to a complicated knitting row or the gripping part of a book's guaranteed to bring in the customers.  It's like heating up my lunch usually does, but I managed to sneak it by today.

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Aunt B said...

Some weeks are like that -- yes, they are!!! Nothing really bad -- but, at the same time, nothing really good. Except for all those beautiful flowers. Just dwell on that and you're bound to feel better!