Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Shoes Make Things Better, Don't They?

When I got home from work yesterday there was a box on the table in my place.  I'd ordered a couple pair of shoes off eBay last week and tracking said one pair would be delivered that day.  Since they don't make the Avia toning shoes anymore (misleading advertising since they didn't really tone your buns like it said in the ads) every once in a while I check eBay to see if someone has found some in a back closet.  I found a pair (not delivered yet) but they showed me a pair of similarly soled Mary Janes for not too much money.  I ordered some--and they came!  I dug out a pair of fish-y socks for the day, pretty darned pleased with myself.  They're pretty comfy too.

This morning the spiderwort was blooming like crazy, with a nice bumblebee filling his pollen sacs.  Years back I planted a shrub rose in a corner of the garden and it's never done very well.  One year I realized that the baby bunnies were nibbling on it so I put a little fence of chicken wire around it but that didn't encourage it to grow bigger or faster.  Every year it makes a few blossoms and right now is the time.  And the Lipstick Lilies are blooming too.  Yay!

I want to show you the view I have when I cross the river in the middle of town.  When I'm up there I love the big, wide sky.  It isn't often that I have my phone in the front seat with me but the other day I did.  Isn't it pretty?

June 25--Jessie Walker, Flowers & Lace.  Great-aunt Mabel's house was like a time machine stuck seventy years back.  Hannah was convinced that everything had been in place since before Great-grandmother Anna Louise, Mabel's mother put it there.  She knew beyond a doubt that the walnut table had always been in the hall below the Currier & Ives prints.  Just as she knew that the table had been covered by the crocheted lace doily with the pineapple motif and the stoneware bowl and pitcher set.  The one with the chipped lip had always held a bouquet of whatever was blooming in the garden.  Hannah vowed that when she was mistress of this house she would strip off the poison green-striped wallpaper in the dining room and find someplace to hide that bowl and pitcher.  She'd replace the table too.  Everything would be different when she was in charge.

It looks like a nice day out there and pretty soon it'll be time to close up shop and I can go out there to see for myself.

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Aunt B said...

Ahhhh that sky! Definitely photo-worthy!! Glad you had your camera handy.