Friday, June 19, 2015

An Odd Feeling Day

I woke up at 9 o'clock feeling like I slept away most of the day and I never really got caught up.  I didn't blog in the morning because it was just too late (????).  I had breakfast around 10 which meant lunch at 12:30 wasn't right.  I went to the grocery for ingredients for my investment cooking plans for today and Sunday, came home and still felt wrong-footed.  Oh, and while talking to Durwood's brother on the phone while sitting on the patio this morning I weeded some flower pots and one of the weeds was a stinging nettle so my right hand has been burning and tingling most of the day.  You'd think after all the years of gardening I'd recognize the darned stuff.

This afternoon I made Bruschetta-Chicken Skillet, a Taste of Home recipe that I added a few things (like onions, garlic, bell peppers, and mushrooms) to.  We ate half of it for supper and I froze the other half for a day when nobody wants to cook.  (This is the frozen stuff. I forgot to snap a photo when it was warm and appetizing looking.)  Sunday I'm making a salsa chicken and rice casserole and French Onion Salisbury Steak.  That last one is the best thing I think I've made in forever.  It's one of those fussy recipes with lots of things going on here and there but the results are worth it, and if I do it right we'll have 4 suppers out of it.  Four meals, not servings; we can split the burger/steak patties because they're so rich and filling with the onion gravy and the cheese toasts they're on.  I'd love to eat a whole serving just for the taste but I know I'd feel bloated and too full if I did.

In knitting news, I've gotten kind of tired of my beaded scarf project so I roped Durwood into playing yarn swift last night and got some balls wound up to make a mosaic patterned hat.  Of course, I realized today that one of the yarns we wound was bulky and the other worsted so they wouldn't really go together.  (they aren't the same thickness)  That meant I had to dig out a different yarn, and wind it up but this time I used my mechanical swift instead of victimizing the napping Durwood.  I took the pattern, needles and yarn to Friday Night Knitting tonight and only had to cast on three times to get it right.  I got this much of the ribbing band done.  One more inch and I get to add in the pretty rainbow colored yarn.  I can't wait.

June 19--Jim Caldwell, Man with Binoculars.  There was a flash on the hill facing the house.  Lynn almost missed it but she walked past the window at the right moment.  She stood off to the side behind the curtain and watched.  There.  There it was again.  No one was supposed to be up there on the hill.  She hadn't given anyone permission and there was good fence around her whole place.  She backed away and went into the kitchen to call Rory the head wrangler to ride up and chase away whoever was spying on the house.  She had just put down the phone when the window across the room shattered and a hole the size of a dime appeared in the wall right where her head had been a minute earlier.  She dropped to the slate floor and huddled behind the kitchen island.

Don't ask me what happens next, I haven't got a clue.  Probably nothing good, at least not for a while.  Now it's time to hit the hay because I'm going to run away from home for the day tomorrow to spend time with my friend KS sitting in a very quiet, out of the way place and knit and chat.  G'night.

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Aunt B said...

I love it that you have these periodic runaways. We all need one of those every once in a while. It is so hot down here that to step outside for a runaway would send you right back into the air-conditioned house!