Friday, June 5, 2015

Got A Long List

My errand list may be a record one.  I'm very good at planning a route so I don't double back; I kind of like the challenge.  I've got laundry started and I baked a spaghetti squash to use in place of pasta under a creamy chicken veg casserole for supper (and for the freezer).  I'm hoping to take a day this next week when I'm off to do some investment cooking.  We like having meal-for-two things frozen so when we're feeling lazy or overworked we can just thaw out something yummy and zap it in the microwave.

I started another preemie hat at work yesterday and finished it at home last night.  I need to plan where I start these hats so that the patterned part lands on the purl ridges.  I'll try that on the next one.  This yarn color is Cotton Candy.  I think that's a good name.  Next will come another Oakmoss one; that's the brown and green one good for little boys.  I try to alternate boy, girl, boy... because I think most baby hats look too girly.  I'm a rebel that way.

When I got the paper this morning I saw that the Asiatic Lily in front has lots of buds.  Can't wait for them to start opening.  I love lilies.

June 5--Macduff Everton, Waterspout.  The sky was consumed by dark gray clouds.  They moved across from the west like they rose from the lake and unrolled like a thick blanket.  The wind dropped and the birds fell silent.  Picnickers up and down the pebble shore packed up and left in a hurry.  Jo put her chair and cooler into the car, dug her rain gear out of the duffel, and tucked her camera into her pocket.  The narrow boat launch was lined with flat-topped boulders and that's where she sat to watch the storm cross the lake.  The wind picked up, blowing the scent of rain and ozone, bringing a rumble of thunder.  She saw a flash of white off to her right and thought only a fool would be out in a boat but it wasn't a boat.  A pair of swans floated along the shoreline looking serene with the stormy sky boiling behind them.

Well, I'm going to go tackle that epic errand list and then pack because tomorrow I'm heading out for a couple days of solitary R&R.  I'll still blog but I won't be at home.  Getting excited.

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Aunt B said...

I love making lists too. There's something so gratifying about marking off an errand or a chore.