Saturday, June 27, 2015

Seems Like A Sewing Day

I found a free (free! free! free!) pattern for a bucket hat for LC that I just happen to have fabric for and I bought a dress pattern for little girls called the Lulu Dress.  I had to buy it because sometimes she's a real lulu, plus it's darned cute and I happen to have fabric to make one of those too.  And I also have to work out encasing the wooden rods to stabilize the tepee, so there's a lot of sewing to be done.  That doesn't even count the pattern for a top for ME that I bought the other day.  *shhh*  I have fabric for that too. I might need to do some stash sewing, and soon.  (ya think????)

My herbs are doing quite well in their patio pots.  I trimmed off all the frost-browned bay leaves (put it out too early) and I'm happy to see all of the terminal buds on the branches sending out new leaves.  That's on the left, then there's sweet basil, Italian parsley, and thyme in the little pot in front.  I put chicken wire around the basil to keep the squirrels from digging in the dirt and probably should have done the same for the parsley.  

One of the day lilies opened right behind the birdhouse out the kitchen window.  I wish they lasted longer than a day.

I told you that I've been working on the scarf and hat but progress isn't very obvious, especially on the Rapid City scarf but then I thought to drape the remaining beads across the scarf and, while I refuse to count them, I'm guessing that's fewer than the 650 or so that I threaded on to start.  When I run out of beads I'll decide if I want to thread on more or just snip off the remaining yarn.  That's probably what I'll do.

I got the second pattern repeat done on the Practice Mosaic hat at knitting last night.  I think it looks like stained glass windows.

June 27--Greg Pease, Container Shipping.  When the yard was full of containers they made a kind of labyrinth.  She watched the Customs and Homeland Security officials thread their way through with their clipboards and she saw workers duck out of sight to grab a smoke or a nap.  One night when she worked late she stood at her window after turning off the office light and saw a stream of people stumble out of a container and knew they were being smuggled into the country.  In the dark she couldn't see the markings on the container to report what she saw.  The next day she was horrified to see a body sprawled in a pool of blood near where she had seen the illegals the previous night.  That time she called the port police.

Okay, I'm putting a star by this one or copying it into another document.  I have more ideas.  Time to grab a shower and then plunge into my fabric hideout.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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Aunt B said...

Oh my goodness! That looks like a lot of beads still to be knitted into that scarf!! Love the shot of the day lily behind the cute birdhouse. Happy sewing!!! Sounds like you're going to be busy. But then, when aren't you busy???