Saturday, June 13, 2015

Just A Few Things

I don't have much to say or show you today.  The cleaning lady and I (and Durwood) came to an agreement and (fingers crossed) she'll be here Tuesday morning to start de-cobwebbing the place, and then come back once a month for not a terrible amount of money.  While she was here the lawnmower was here too, whizzing across the lot on his stand-up rider.  He goes fast!  Maybe 10-15 mph, Durwood says.  I'm always glad to see him but feel guilty that it's not me out there mowing.  Hopefully I'll get over that and the expected cleaning-lady guilt.

The yellow lilies are still a-bloom and I noticed a couple of Dad's rosebuds are peeking open a tiny bit.  (I had to hurry taking these; I was out front in my [full coverage, old lady] underpants and hoodie when the renter pulled up (eek! hi, James), luckily my hoodie's a bit long so it covers my arse)

I finished the next preemie hat last night at Friday Night Knitting and then worked more on the Rapid City Scarf but that progress isn't very visible so you only get to see the hat.  As soon as I post this I'll be back downstairs putting the finishing touches on LC's tepee so I can buy the poles later today and Durwood can help lash them together.

June 13--Jean Miele, Satellite Dish.  Kay lay on the hard desert floor looking at the stars.  On either side of her huge gray satellite dishes aimed their ever-listening ears at the heavens.  The day's heat pressed at her back feeling like a physical thing trying to lift her.  She liked being out there once the sun went down and the sky filled with stars and planets.  She marveled that ancient people could have picked out shapes from the confusion overhead.  A footfall nearby made her jump and a man's voice called her name.  "Kay, for god's sake, you're going to end up with scorpions in your pockets and a rattler in your shoe."  She smiled.  "No, I won't.  Scorpions are out hunting and the rattlesnakes are all tucked into their rocky dens."  Mike sat beside her and leaned back on his elbows to look up too.  "I never get tired of the universe.  Do you think we'll actually hear from someone out there?"

I don't think so.  I don't believe we're visited by UFOs either.  I'm more inclined to believe that we're someone's Science Fair project and one of these days we'll get washed down the lab drain with the rest of the bacteria.  Okay, off to make sewing.

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Aunt B said...

Some days there's just nothing to say. But I'm glad to hear you hired the cleaning lady. I've said in the past that I'm going to do that but still haven't taken the plunge!