Sunday, June 7, 2015

Yarn & Chickens

On my way down here I detoured to Bahr Creek Llamas & Fiber to see if she had any yarn in her clearance bins that I couldn't leave there.  Turns out she did.  There are 4 skeins of this bulky orange 50/50 wool & acrylic called Safir, 2 skeins of wool, microfiber & alpaca (one gray, one black), and 2 skeins of gray Rowan Summer Tweed which is 70/30 silk and cotton.  I see a hat and mittens out of the orange stuff and scarves out of the other two, alternating the gray & black bulky and putting beads on the silk & cotton.  And I stayed just below my max yarn budget for the trip.  Whew.

Last week DS told me that one of the hens had gotten broody, which means she's sitting on eggs (or nothing) trying to hatch them.  They don't have a rooster so there's no chance of the eggs hatching.  I had some peelings for them so decided to go over to see what it was about.  The broody hen is Princess Cuckoo and she is definitely brooding.  She's spread out to about twice her girth and won't budge even when you try to shift her with a length of wood to collect the (unfertilized) eggs she's on.  I was surprised that she didn't come a-running when I put the peels out because there were squash seeds and blueberries, prime things that they squabble over.

I knitted on my scarf last night and this morning.  It got even longer.  It's like magic.  I had planned to sit outside and knit today but it's a rainy day, taking a walk's probably out too (plus my ankle's not really in favor) so I think I'm going to take my knitting and a book and find a cafe where I can have lunch, then knit or read.  Good plan, don't you think?

June 7--Cy Furlan, Maple Leaf Cells Plant Veins.  A movie played in Sue's head.  A line of leaf-cutter ants marched along a twig on the jungle floor, each one carrying a tiny wedge of leaf back to the nest.  At first they were a steady stream but soon the line of ants thinned out.  Sue groaned as the pain intensified.  A nurse came into the room to inject another dose of pain killer into her IV line.  The movie in her head started again.  She realized that in the injection there were leaf-cutter ants that gnawed her pain into pieces and carried it away.  She hoped that they had lots of the ant medicine on hand or it would be a long night.

Time to gather up my knitting and seek out a friendly cafe.  Toddle-oo!

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