Thursday, June 4, 2015

All Yarn Today

If you're a flower person and not a knitter, move along, nothing to see here.  But if you're a knitter, come on down!

I FINISHED THE RED MARL SWEATER!!!!!!  I even wove in the tails and sewed the button on.

Sorry to holler but I cast on this sweater on August 1, 2010, worked on it for a while until the two-color part ground me down.  Picked it up again and finished the colorwork on the front but got distracted by other, quicker to finish projects.  I cast on the sleeves to knit two at a time but didn't even make it through the cuffs before it went back into timeout.  Last year I pulled it out for the Ravelenic Games (knitting challenges pursued during the Olympics), finished other things and didn't get to the sweater.  Then a couple months ago the president of the knitting guild suggested that we might dig out a UFO (UnFinished Object) from the bottom of the barrel so I dug way down in the echo-y basement of the barrel, found all the sweater parts and the other skeins of yarn, and vowed to finish it or frog it and turn it back into yarn.  If you're a regular reader you know that I've been working pretty steadily on finishing and I did just that yesterday.  I took it to work and sewed the shawl collar into the neck opening, then turned it inside out and wove in all the tails.  Last night after supper I scrounged a button out of the basement, sewed it on, and VOILA! I had a sweater.  It's very warm and will be wonderful to wear as a coat on mild winter days and will keep me toasty warm on the coldest days.  Plus it's red.  I like it.  I can't say that I love it; the collar has issues, I may tack the shawl part of the collar down around the back of the neck, but for now, it's finished.  Done.  Finis.  *dusts off hands*

After supper I worked on my beaded Rapid City Scarf (so named because that's where I bought the yarn and beads).  As I suspected moving 650 beads away from the working end of the yarn every row is annoying but I'm excited to see how it'll look once I'm done and every 3rd row the number of beads in the clump decreases by 7 so I just need to knit faster and that annoyance will dwindle down to nothing.  I just noticed that the yarn closest to the needle matches the couch nearly perfectly.

I'm also planning to cast on another preemie hat, I just have to pick which of these balls of yarn I'll use.  Maybe the pastel one, since I gave away the one I made last week to a friend collecting for her pet charity.  I do love me some variegated yarn.

June 4--Silverstock, PIC#AAC1039.  Adrian hated the view from her apartment.  Another building was going up right out her windows.  She saw trucks, scaffolding, armies of construction workers, and a pair of those gigantic gantry cranes they build tall things with now.  The building grew floor by floor, obstructing her city view more each day.  One night she opened the curtains and there was a full moon bracketed by the cranes.  They had a few lights on them but it was like the moon was suspended between their arms on a spiderweb.  For the first time since the construction had begun she left the drapes open and the television off and just watched the moon bob there like a celestial juggler was performing just for her.

Eh.  I realized that as of yesterday LC is 17 months old.  How can that be?  I used to ask how could my kids be so old when I feel so young but lately I'm feeling pretty much all of my years.  That needs to change.  I'll work on it.

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Aunt B said...

The sweater is a triumph!!! Good for you for persevering through all those years -- well, off and on through all those years!!! Congratulations on a job well done. I walked through a very pricey boutique yesterday and thought immediately of you when I spotted some darling handmade baby sweaters and hats. One set was $98!!!! Maybe you should find a market for those darling items you make for LC!!!