Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Slept Like a Baby

I didn't wake up backache-less but I kind of expected a "getting used to it" period.  Give me a couple nights of practice and I'm sure I'll be vaulting out of the sack, ready to brave the day.  To be honest, I'll settle for not being as achy.

There's kind of a lull in new bloomings on the estate so I tried some artsy angles on previously featured flowers.  The bleeding hearts are still flowering, and I like the way they look poking through a gap in the Emma's chair, tangling with ferns, and artfully draping near the fountain.

Today the sun rose before I did but I liked the moody light of the early sun silhouetted behind the trees on the hill.

Didn't knit last night after all.  I was tired so I turned on an audiobook and sat here playing computer games until bedtime.  I promise I'll knit at work today so you'll have something yarn-y to look at tomorrow.  Really I will, cross my heart.

June 3--David Muench, Y-5401.  The lake looked like a shard of sky had fallen into the low place in the valley.  Gabby took a few pictures and then found a spot where she could lean against the rock face.  She pulled out her notebook and pencil.  Her sister, Gala, would tease her about her choice of paper and pencil.  "So retro.  You should use a tablet and stylus," she would say.  "And where exactly am I supposed to charge a tablet?  Last time I checked there weren't outlets in pine trees or on trails."  She was glad she had to unplug out here.

That's when the lure the new bed hooked me and reeled me in.  I noticed when I got up this morning that the edge doesn't sag from years and years of me rolling out and sitting there for a second.  There's resistance there.  I like it.  Off to eat and get ready for knitting, uh, work, yeah, work, that's it, I'm going to work today

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Aunt B said...

You sound rejuvenated!! A new mattress, a little sunshine, beautiful flowers ----- and you're a new woman!!! It took a haircut and perm to get me close to that state. I'm not actually rejuvenated but at least I look better. Photo to follow via email!