Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Company For Supper

But not exactly the sort of company that statement would lead you to believe.  Just as I set the plates of spaghetti on the table a big Red-Tailed Hawk landed on top of the fence with its own supper in its talons.  It stayed to eat so long that I was able to get lots of good photos of it.  It's a lot bigger than our usual Cooper's Hawk or Sharp-Shinned Hawk.  We were pretty much transfixed, and terribly disappointed when it turned around to face us, dropped its supper off the backside of the fence and flew down to keep eating.  But we probably got to gawk at it for 15 or 20 minutes.  I am confident that it wasn't eating one of "our" birds, it flew into the yard with it's supper already caught.  One young and foolish robin kept hopping around in the grass, at one point hopping toward the hawk, but the raptor turned around, glared at the robin, and the robin flew away.  Smart robin.

Didn't knit, didn't sew, and nothing new is blooming, so that's it for reports of my day's activities.

July 1--Howard Sochurek, Inc., Eye.  It was just an eye.  If you stood up close it looked like an abstract painting in neon on black but if you stood back far enough you saw that ti was an eye.  From one angle it looked like a chicken's head but it was definitely an eye.  Was it art?  Maelyn didn't know.  She was probably too unsophisticated to appreciate what some people considered art.  She was intrigued by the science that the eye picture represented but she decided that was technology not art.  Then it blinked.  Nope, definitely not art.

Like I said, that's it.  My friend JM and I are going to the City Band tonight but meeting for supper at a Mexican restaurant I've been wanting to try.  Mm, Mexican food cooked by actual Mexicans.  I can't wait.

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Aunt B said...

I've also often wondered how certain pieces of art become more ART than others. Who decided those Jackson Pollocks were so desirable and then valuable??? Interesting visitor to your backyard. We've had lots of different birds around our feeder but I don't know what kind! Still fun to watch.