Friday, July 24, 2015

An Oriole Visits

Durwood called me yesterday afternoon to say that he'd seen an oriole on the hummingbird feeder.  Now how a great oriole could contort its robin-sized body to drink from one of those bitty things is beyond me.  So I said maybe he could make some birdie juice so I could refresh all of the nectar feeders when I got home from work, which he did and I did later.  This morning I saw a flicker of bright orange in the apple tree just as Durwood said, "there's the oriole again."  So I sat down, got out the camera and waited.  In a very few minutes there it was again, dipping into the dish of grape jam for a snack.  Oh, and it has to be Welch's Grape Jam, orioles turn up their beaks at the cheaper kind, but they're worth it.


The lilies, pink and white, are both still gorgeous.  See?  The coneflowers are coming into full bloom.  I like them too, even though they are pink.


I ripped out the Dobby Hat(s) beginnings at work yesterday, cast on more stitches, and knitted a couple rounds.  This is better.

Durwood had an appointment this afternoon so I took along Car Knitting Warshrag #8 since it was so near to being finished, and finished it.  Now I'll weave in the tails, dig out a couple more skeins of dishcloth cotton, and cast on #9.  Can't drive around a town with drawbridges in the center of it without a project tucked in the driver's door pocket.

July 24--David Mechlin, Tarpon and Silversides with Diver.  The tarpon swam past like a bar of silver, its underslung jaw open just a bit to be ready if it chanced upon an unwary fish.  The three-foot-long fish looked like it was forged from polished stainless steel and its shape hadn't changed over the centuries.

My friend Lala and I decided yesterday that we need to get up off our rusty, dusty behinds because we're both feeling overtired and are sitting too much, so she took a quick break from work and climbed 4 flights of stairs.  I kicked off my shoes and got through 15 minutes of the 20 minute yoga app I downloaded on my Kindle last week before a pair of customers came in, then after supper I did 15 minutes on the treadmill.  (That's my excuse for not writing much last night.)  I fully intend to do either the yoga app or 15 mins. on the treadmill later after knitting.  I need to get a move on.

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Aunt B said...

I commend your vigor and determination to get moving! I need a dose of that myself. Especially since Beach Week is fast approaching.