Thursday, July 16, 2015

They're Back

Durwood called me at work yesterday afternoon to say that he saw one of the Red-tailed Hawks sitting on the fence, so they didn't leave after all.  I saw a big brown body fly over the house when I was out taking early morning pictures yesterday morning but by the time I got through the house and out the front door there was no sign of any big bird.  I figured it was probably our Cooper's Hawk moved back into its turf but I was evidently wrong.

The last Dad's rose is blooming and the lily buds are swelling.  One is showing a pink-y lavender.  Soon there will be big, sweet smelling lilies in the yard.   Hooray!  Dad's roses will bloom again in the fall.

I got a call from the pottery place yesterday that my yarn bowl was ready for pick-up so I zoomed over after work to get it.  I really like it.  I loaded a skein of yarn into it and knitted away and it works perfectly.  The yarn pulls out of the ball and the ball stays put, just like it's supposed to.

In knitting news, I got through the first decrease repeat.  According to the pattern you follow the same directions when you use worsted yarn as when you use bulky yarn.  I'm suspicious.  I still have lots of stitches on my needles and only eight more rounds (two of them with decreases) so I'm thinking I might just have to add another repeat making more decreases.  We shall see.

I didn't write last night.  We watched a very interesting show about a team of divers searching for a coelacanth, a fish thought to be extinct and then rediscovered in 1952 (see? I was paying attention), going way deep, like 400' deep with rebreathers and all kinds of tanks of gases (it was very cool and riveting), so we stayed up too late, well, I did anyway.  I'll do better tonight, cross my heart.

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Aunt B said...

That yarn bowl is so clever and neat. Didn't you say you made it at a pottery class?? One more skill to add to your resume!!