Saturday, July 11, 2015


It's Saturday and I don't think there's much I have to do.  There are things I want to do and I'm going to do them but it's the HAVE-TOs that get me down so I'm keeping them to a minimum today.

I'm back.  See?  You didn't even know I was gone, did you?  I went to the bank, the birdseed store for finch seed, the library where I ran into an old Tae Kwon Do pal to chat with, the bookstore for... nevermind, to Fleet Farm for different birdseed (it was on sale), to Kwik Trip for bananas, donuts, and lottery tickets that I'm sure are big winners, and to the grocery where they were sold out of the sockeye salmon I wanted but I've got some reserved for pickup tomorrow.  I'll bet you didn't know you can put fish on Reserve like you do a book at the library.  I didn't either.  I'll find out tomorrow how well that works.  But who could pass up wild-caught sockeye salmon for only ten bucks a pound?  Maybe I can learn to cook it on the grill.  I've never fixed fish on the grill and I'd like to try it, not planked though, I don't think I want to eat fish that's cooked on a piece of cedar.  I think it'd taste kind of gin-y and I'm not a gin fan.  (rambling?  who me?)

I finished dropping the stitches of the Rapid City beaded scarf at knitting last night.  It needs to be blocked but I think I like it.  Dropping all those stitches was a royal pain.

The red day lilies are going gangbusters and Dad's roses are winding up their initial blooming without one Japanese beetle in sight.

Remember these?  I ran all over the west side last weekend to find one for LC to play with.  It will be nice to have that rattling popping sound around here again.

July 11--Carr Clifton, Redwood National Park, CA.  This must be how five-year-olds feel, thought Martha as she walked through the redwoods.  She had done the usual tourist things when she arrived.  First she had leaned way back to see the treetops and said, "Man, those are some tall trees."  Then she walked into the forest a bit before picking one of the smaller trees to try to put her arms around.  She couldn't do it, couldn't reach even halfway around.

That's when my brain clicked off and no more words would come.  Kinda ticked me off but there you go.  Sometimes words come and sometimes they stay away in droves.

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Aunt B said...

That scarf is definitely one of your more interesting efforts. Really turned out pretty and different from what you've made in the past. That popcorn thing is darling but I bet it ends up driving you crazy! That's my memory of that little toy!!