Thursday, July 23, 2015

Not Quite Right

No, not me (well...) and not Durwood (uh...), no, the Dobby Hat(s) hat #1 looks too small to be the size my swatch said it'd be (swatches lie, those dirty little liars!), plus I'm going to have a bunch of the yarn left 'cause I'm almost done with this part and I've got too much yarn left to just toss it but not enough to do anything with.  Grrr.  Seems like I'll be frogging this and casting on more stitches.  Once again I'm taking a stab in the dark, and just when I was feeling so smart about planning this, with math and everything.  *pouting*

What's exactly right are the lilies.  Almost all of the white stargazer buds have burst open.  I kind of wish they'd open one at a time to extend their life but, wow, who can argue with this?  And the pink one are trying to hide behind the rosebush but I see you.  This is another time we need smell-o-vision because they smell heavenly.  Oh, and never get their pollen on your clothes, it doesn't come out, not even with bleach.  Ask me how I know.

July 23--Joel Eden, Briefcase.  Diane thought it was such an old-fashioned case when she noticed it in the airplane overhead compartment above her seat.  Most everyone carried backpacks or soft-sided bags that zipped shut.  This was a hard-sided leather box with latches on the sides and a combination latch in the center...

Once again the Sandman overtook me in mid-sentence (evidently hyphens and parentheses were on sale this week) and I dropped into the void. I wouldn't mind if I didn't wake up feeling tired too, and there's a big weather front moving in and my old parts are aching like crazy.  Bah.  Maybe I'll stay awake for tonight's prompt, it's an underwater one.

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Aunt B said...

Oh those lilies!!! Like a huge bouquet blooming all at once like that. So very pretty. Weird weather down here too. Storms all over the place.