Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hump Day!

I'm glad to see Wednesday because on Saturday DD is arriving for a very short stay before she toddles on up to The Clearing for a week of playing in their workshop learning how to use a lathe.  I wish I was rich and could go learn that too, although I don't really have room for a lathe in the basement workshop and I don't think that drifts of sawdust in the house air would be any good for Durwood's breathing.  Besides I get to drive along (in a separate car) when she goes up on Sunday so we can stop at Spin (yarn shop, open 10-3 on Sunday, I checked) in Sturgeon Bay and then I get to go on up to TC with her to show her around a bit, kind of drop her at summer camp, and then come home to my Durwood while she stays to make woodchips fly.  Then she'll spend the next Saturday night with us on her way back home to Kentucky where she really lives, even though I always say she's coming home when she's coming here.  Home is where the Mama is.

I think the cherry tomato(es) need another day or two to be at the peak of ripeness for Durwood's eating pleasure, and I'm excited to see two big white flowers on the gourd plant this morning.  I might get a gourd!  Yahoo!

The daisies and bee balm continue to look fantastic in the morning light, and I captured another bee on the spiderwort collecting pollen.  I need to find out of that's a boy bee or a girl bee, just because I'd like to know.


I'm at the crown decreases on the Mosaic Practice Hat.  I really like the way it looks.  And I finished the Pool Fish at work on Monday but I want to make another one so I can figure out how to pick up stitches to knit the dorsal and pectoral fins on instead of having to sew them on.  One bath or one dip in the wading pool and I suspect those fins will be flapping by a thread.  It's not like it's stuffed with fiberfill so I can't run the threads through the middle to secure them, there's a ping pong ball in there so weaving in is limited.  I'll work on it and report.

Last Friday night FW showed us one of the crowns she's knitting for her great-granddaughters who are visiting soon.  It wasn't my size but don't you think LC needs one?  I do, and with more jewels.

July 15--Duotone, Sun, Moon & Earth.  The sun cast the shadow of the moon onto the Earth and day became night.  Birds sought their nests, chickens went to roost, and one dog howled.  Lana and her brother, Charlie, had set up their Goodwill telescope on top of the picnic table and Lana had a notebook leftover from Social Studies class to make notes in.  The rest of the neighbor kids were too busy playing baseball or soccer or their parents had signed them up for all kinds of classes so they didn't have ten minutes of free time every day.  Charlie said that they were lucky that their parents were old hippies who didn't give a crap about team sports and summer school.  Mom and Dad let them build forts, conduct experiments and light fires and so far neither of them had been hurt.  Well, not badly enough to need stitches or skin grafts.

Speaking of holy crap, do you realize that today's the middle of July ALREADY?  I... I give up trying to figure this stuff out.  I'm hungry, I hear yogurt and granola calling my name.  Peace out.  And groovy.

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Aunt B said...

You must make LC a crown!! You look very happy sporting the one your friend made. Too cute. And I think that bee is a male. In fact, all bumble bees should be male. They just don't look very ladylike! Love all those daisies.