Sunday, July 12, 2015

Everything Changes

The biggest change is... one of the cherry tomatoes has changed from green to orange, which means one of these days in the not too distant future it'll be red so I can pick it for Durwood to savor the first tomato of the season.

The most surprising change was... last night's baked potato.  Five minutes earlier I reached into the oven to give it a little squeeze to see if it was done, it wasn't, so I set the time for five more minutes.  This is what I saw when I opened the door after the timer rang.  I... I... That's never happened to us before.  I lifted out the husk of skin and the ball of baked potato, put them on a plate, and we split what wasn't crisping on the racks and oven bottom.  I am very glad that the heating element of the oven is below the floor of the oven, I wouldn't relish the aroma of burning potato or having to clean it.  Which I will be doing later today since I intend to bake a meatloaf for supper.  But not a baked potato.  Not for a while.  No.

The daisies & bee balm are still blooming and still beautiful.

July 12--Michael Harris, Mummy.  The wrappings didn't look old enough and they were crudely wrapped.  Ruth didn't think that this was a real Egyptian mummy.  One of the staff had been cleaning out a storeroom on the fourth floor and came upon it packed in a cardboard box on a shelf.  He had nearly broken his ankle tripping over boxes and brooms in an effort to get away from it.  Ruth and her assistant Mark had gone up with a rolling cart and brought the mummy and its box back to the lab.  She was afraid that it was something from the campus haunted house fundraiser that some prankster had hidden and forgotten to retrieve.

I didn't knit much yesterday but since today's a laundry day I think I might manage to string a few stitches together.  I'm thinking I might make a rhubarb cobbler too.

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Aunt B said...

That baked potato!!! Talk about an explosion of flavor!!! Weird. If it had been in the microwave maybe -- but just in a regular oven??? Too odd!!!