Monday, July 13, 2015

Five Loads of Laundry & a Fish

Yes, I did 5 loads of laundry yesterday.  I admit that two of the loads where sheets but still... that seems like a lot of dirty clothes for two little old people.  But now it's done, the sheets aren't folded and there's one more basket of clothes clothes to be folded but I'm calling it done, like laundry's ever done, but done enough.

I spent some of yesterday staring slack-jawed at a computer game while half-listening to an audiobook.  I cast on and almost finished a bath fish for a pool toy, and I had to go back to the grocery because the milk was turning, not curdled or sour YET, but close enough that my morning Cheerios tasted off.  Ack.  I did make the meatloaf for supper, tried a new recipe with Ritz cracker crumbs, dried minced onions, grated cheddar cheese, a little catsup, eggs, and A-1.  Tasty.  I let Durwood convince me to add a little water to make it goopier and I think that might have been a mistake as it didn't hold together very well when I sliced it, but we managed to choke it down.  Okay, we inhaled it.  It's called the Rempel Family Meatloaf on  It calls for a packet of onion soup mix, that's way too salty for me, but one of the reviewers/commenters said that she substituted 2.5 Tablespoons of dried minced onion and it worked fine.  So that's what I did too.  I didn't make the rhubarb cobbler, I just ran out of energy.

July 13--Larry Couzens, Fire.  Sheryl was dreaming of fire, the smoke and flames in her dream were so real that she woke up coughing.  Her eyes burned when she opened them.  Her room was full of smoke and she saw the flicker of flames in the crack under the door.  She fell out of bed and was happy to be  in the clearer air near the floor.  She crawled to the corner by the dresser where she piled her clothes at the end of the day, glad that she hadn't walked the four steps to put them down the laundry chute.  She wriggled into the the clothes on the floor because the smoke was too thick to stand up in.  Too bad her purse was downstairs along with her keys.  Her phone was in her purse.  What a night to choose to forget to plug it into the charger in the bedroom.  Now if she could only find the window and get out.  It wasn't too far to the ground.

Hey, it's my DD's birthday!  Happy Birthday to my best baby girl.  I love you and can't wait to see you on Saturday.
--Barbara, aka Mom

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Aunt B said...

You are the busy woman. FIVE loads of laundry??? That's a lot of up and down the stairs. And then the folding!!! Your meatloaf sounded good but then all meatloaf is good! Know you're counting the days until you baby girl comes to visit!