Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy Birthday, Aunt B!

I know you won't read this until tomorrow morning but I want you to know that I'm thinking about you and wishing I were there to celebrate the daylights out of you.  I went out early this morning and pic-ed (as in "pictured") some more daisies for you.

I got to watch last night's sunset from a high vantage point and once again wished I had my old Canon AE-1 film camera in my hand.  I love the immediacy and convenience of digital cameras but, I gotta tell you, the colors were much deeper and much more vivid than what you see here.  Lots of red in that sunset.  I'm sure it's because of all the smoke in the air from the Canadian wildfires.  You'd think that Canadians would be too polite to blow their smoke all over the US but I guess we've sent them draft dodgers and lured away actors and comedians, so I suppose we can tolerate a little smoke.

While watching the sunset I was also knitting a few rounds on the Mosaic Practice Hat.  Things went well--for a while, but then I got distracted and when I came around to the end of a round, eh, it wasn't right.  I tried to fix it without good light or a crochet hook but that way lies madness so I stuck my needles through any stitches or loops that looked like they wanted to make a break for it and put the hat into a bag for the night.  This morning with the sun shining it was the work of just a few minutes to figure out what went where and make it happen.  Lying on the hat is one of my new favorite knitting toys--a hand-carved bone crochet hook with opposite facing hooks on the ends.  It lets you smoothly "hook" up a column of dropped stitches and get back into business.  (hm, I should share that with the knitting guild newsletter as a Notion of the Month, I think I'll do that)

That's all I've got today.  Didn't write last night because I stayed up too late reading.  Time to fill some tanks with air.

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Aunt B said...

Thanks for thinking of me, honey -- and for the pretty daisy pictures! You are a thoughtful girl. Hope you saw my post on FB about how my day went yesterday (winning at bridge) and then the BIG triumph this morning when my court case was dismissed!! Good news all the way around.