Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Quickie

I kinda laid in bed for, oh, an extra 45 minutes this morning so I'm running a bit behind.  I was determined not to skip walking on the treadmill so I did that and I can't skip blogging but I still need to eat, brush and flush, dress, and get to work by 10 o'clock.  This will be short, not my usual ramble.

On our way to gett Durwood's hearing aids fitted with ear molds we stopped at a farm stand for fresh veggies.  We might have gone a little nuts.  I was drawn to the gigantic kohlrabi (isn't it cool looking?) and the Georgia peaches (that are like rocks right now but will ripen in a few days).  Durwood wanted tomatoes (of course) and the lone bunch of beets.  There was a handful of sugarsnap peas in the bag but those didn't make it home.  Car snacks, you know.

I did frog the cast on for Dobby's Hat(s) and redo it after supper.  This is one of those patterns that I can't wait to see it grow on the needles so maybe I'll be a bit faster at making it.  I'm usually a pretty slow knitter.

Another cherry tomato's getting ripe.  I wanted you to see how they grow, like grapes off both sides of one stem.

Today's feature flower is a purple coneflower.  I tried to keep the daisies out of the frame but they're pretty much the ultimate photo bombers.

Didn't write last night, I was just too tired, so this is all you get.

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Aunt B said...

I'll take whatever I can get on your blog! Your veggies look wonderful - especially that intriguing kohlrabi! Those fresh tomatoes my friend gave me were almost too beautiful to just chop up and turn into tomato sauce. So bright, bright red!! There's something about anything right off the vine!