Saturday, July 18, 2015

DD Is In The State!

I just got off the phone with her and she's about an hour and a half away.  Yay!  I got the (belated) birthday tarts assembled and baked this morning.  Half of them are rhubarb and the other half are raspberry with one giant blackberry in the middle (the raspberries were a little short of 2 cups).  The recipe was written for blueberries but I figured fruit is fruit and took the plunge.  They smell really good, that I'm sure of. There might be a bit of ice cream to put on top at serving time.

Last night's supper of mussels was a tour de force of the shellfish eating world.  We had cut out a recipe for them a long time ago, I found it, and cobbled it together with ingredients on hand.  We didn't have any clam juice but I had a fish bouillon cube so that worked.  I picked up a hard roll at the grocery that I crisped in the oven and we had a tossed salad to start.  Two pounds of mussels are just right for two people for supper and at $4.49 a pound they're doable for a treat.  Yum.

At Friday Night Knitting I got to show off a couple dive videos because there's a working VCR in the room where we meet.  It was so much fun watching them again and reliving old glories--and seeing our 15 years younger selves.

I cast on and finished the body and tail of another pool fish.  Then I figured out where I want to pick up stitches for the dorsal and pectoral fins.  Maybe I can make them more secure doing it that way.  The last one I made has a fin that droops like the fish had a stroke; I'd like to see if I can't avoid that.

July 17--Svoboda Stock, FD3002. Jean thought the party had been a success.  There had been enough food.  For a while she thought Fred Willison was going to stand at the buffet and eat all of the shrimp but eventually Marjorie had dragged him away to talk to someone about a stock or something.  Dan and Susan hadn't stayed long but her mother was visiting from the West Coast so they needed to get back home.  Jean didn't know what Glenn and Ed had been arguing about but she was glad they had kept it in the corner of the den.  Where was Ed?  Now that she thought about it she hadn't seen him since before the guests started leaving.  She pushed herself out of the easy chair and started turning out lights.  When she got to the kitchen she saw that the pool lights were on.  When she reached for the switch by the pump her hand slid on something and came away covered in blood.  She looked at the pool, a body floated face down.  Ed's body.  Naturally Ed would figure out a way to ruin her party.  She sat down and cried.

Okay.  Time to go run a mop over the kitchen floor now that the baking and breakfasting's over.  DD's coming soon!  I can't wait.

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Aunt B said...

Hope you post a pix of you and your baby girl. So glad she's able to get up there for a visit -- even if it's a short one.