Friday, January 6, 2012

Windswept Friday

It's gusty today but in the 40s. Our visit to the Aging & Disability Center (oh, man, it sounds like we're decrepit and crippled, so not true) went well. The room is small but crammed with exercise machines. I like the resistance machines (the ones with weights) and the treadmill better than the stepper and the stationary bikes. We paid our dollars and filled out the releases so we're all signed up. I don't want to quit walking on the trails but it'll be nice to be able to vary my workout when the weather is crap. I'm hungry for a casserole so Durwood and I have worked out a spaghetti-like recipe I'm making for supper before knitting tonight. Oooh, I get to cook.

January 5--Egypt, Menat Necklace from Malqata. It took all her concentration to string the tiny glass beads in the dimness of the workshop. She squinted to see the tiny hole and to slide the waxed thread through the hole. Once she had twenty-four of the blue strands strung Hamid took them to his workbench and assembled the necklace. Lela wished that one day she might get to see one of the tourist women wearing a necklace that she had made but by the time her workday was done she had only enough energy left to eat the scraps Hamid left for her and then unroll her bed in the corner of the shop.

I took in the lighted flamingo today. It looked so forlorn leaning against the house but I don't have the oomph to go out and fix it. Too blah.

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Aunt B said...

You're right about the name of that "Aging and Disability" place sounding so terrible. I always felt the same way about the "Pink Ribbon of Hope" place for cancer patients. It just sounded so desperate to me -- even though it was very nice. But the price is certainly right!