Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hawk Buffet

Sometimes I joke that we're not feeding birds exactly, it's more like we've set up a hawk buffet, and the other day Durwood got photographic proof. He said that this hawk was searching through the birdie tree looking for a meal so he took its picture. Pretty cool, eh? The sun's shining today so I feel a bit better. Yoga helped some, took the edge off of my crabbiness. I didn't have much knitting luck although M had her 10-yr-old daughter with her and we all know how much I like to talk to kids. J helped me frog a too-small hat and roll the yarn up into balls. She's a bright and interesting kid, fun to interact with. I miss kids. This morning I'm going to knit at one of the guild member's house for a while, then I'll get my nails done, and it's supposed to warm up into the 20s. I think I just heard the weather guy on TV say that we might see the Northern Lights tonight! Wouldn't that be cool? I'll have to call the station to see if he has a time guess. I'm not much of a night owl anymore, although I did sleep until 8 this morning, so I'm not an early bird either. I managed to shovel the driveway when I got home last night. It was very cold out there even though I was bundled up to the ears with a thick hat and my warmest chopper gloves. My butt got cold though. That was a surprise when I came in. It's a hard body part to warm up, I sat on the couch on an afghan, that seemed to help, then I just went to bed, and probably encroached on Durwood's side where the electric blanket is turned up to roast. And look, I even wrote last night!

January 20--Vincent van Gogh, Olive Trees. The hot sun beat down on the olive groves making the shade beneath the trees almost black. The trees looked like tortured gray skeletons twisted by the sea winds that roared up the hill from the sea. Lucy lay awake listening to the hoot of the owl hunting in the grove, cringing when he heard the scream of a caught rabbit. The hot wind moaned through the trees and then raced to rattle the shutters in their brackets. It sounded like someone trying to break in. Lucy's fingers gripped the sheet as if the flimsy fabric could protect her. Damn Walter and his ridiculous night fishing expedition with Theo.

That's it for today, kiddos. I'm off to gobble up my Cheerios, take a shower, and brave the cold. Stay warm.

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