Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Have a Pet Dragon

No, really I do. See?

morrow is Chinese New Year, the year of the Dragon. We're hosting Family Supper this month so we're having Chinese and I needed a centerpiece so I decided to get a Beta fish, especially since I ran across the vase/bowl and colored glass pebbles, net and scrub brush downstairs when I was cleaning out under the stairs. (sorry for the long sentence, i put in a few commas so you can catch your breath.) We were trying to think of a good name for him and Dragon seems right since it's the "Year of the". He'll make an excellent centerpiece with all the little zodiac animal statues arrayed around him. Next Sunday we'll sit down to a nice supper together and celebrate our new year of prosperity and happiness. (gotta get to the bank for gold dollar coins [the Sacajawea ones, right?] to be lucky money) Today I need to make a pot of chicken veggie soup for work lunches and I want to brew up a batch of cocoa butter cream for my winter dry skin. For the first time in years I'm nearly out of lotion. Gotta fix that. Better get a move on.

January 22--Central Iran, Storage Jar Decorated with Mountain Goats. Cece is little so she can hide in the big jar with the goat on it. Mama and Pa don't like it when we play with that jar but it's the perfect place to hide when you're too little to find a good hiding place all by yourself. Cece's good at hiding, she stays real still if she has Andrew Bear with her. Around Christmas Cece and Andrew fell asleep and didn't come out when Matt shouted "all in free." Lucy and Mama called and called for her. The rest of us had gone out to sled down Fireman's Hill and forgot about Cece in the jar. Mama called for help and Mr. Write the fire chief came out to find Matt and me. "Did she look in the goat jar?" Matt asked Mr. Write. The fireman asked Mama and we were all punished when we got home for playing with that old jar and for leaving the baby in there alone. I got to spend an extra hour in the corner for saying that she wasn't alone, Andrew Bear was in there with her.

No fair at all. Ya know what else is no fair? Three months ago today Mom died. That's unfair, especially when she promised Colton she'd live to be a hundred. Nice moves, Mom, disappointing a kid. C U.

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